🚲 Postcrossing Incoming & Outgoing January 2017 πŸš²

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In December’s round-up I only had outgoing cards to share with you all, but since then a sudden influx of postcards have made their way through my letterbox! I’m assuming Christmas held up most of them, but it doesn’t really matter because they’ve arrived now, here’s what came:

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A happy Christmas postcard arrived from Nastya in Russia after a few weeks of travelling. She let me know that she’s new to Postcrossing and that she loves the Christmas season – two things I feel I can relate to well! She chose a postcard with some sweet illustrations which I really appreciated, lets hope her Postcrossing journey is a success πŸ™‚

Image may contain: one or more people and basketball court

This unusual card came from Marjon in Holland, she told me all about her favourite book and asked me what mine was, which fit well with the postcards overall theme! I really like that she decided to ask me a question because it gave me something other than just thank youΒ to write in the message box when I registered the id.

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Sveta from Moscow sent this cool card depicting traditional food and drink for the Russian New Year celebrations. There were also a total of three smiley faces, after various sentences, on the back of the postcard which was nice, this must have been one of the last postcards Sveta sent in 2016 as it was dated the 31st!

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Continuing with the New Year theme, I received this glittery postcard from a Japanese sender who left no name. She listed all twelve of the symbolic animals that Japan have for the years and wished me happiness for the year of the rooster which was very kind. I’m loving the minimalist design and on-trend gold lettering – I really need to start investing in better special occasions postcards!

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I love the photographs on this postcard but I’m afraid I have some issues with it, I don’t think I’ve ever felt disappointed when I received a postcard, up until now. Previously I have written a blog post about my Postcrossing Peeves but that was mainly small things that got on my nerves about the overall service – this is an issue I have with the senders motives.

You can skip this postcards write up if you would prefer to just read some quick information about each one, because this could get lengthy.

First of all, the message on the back was typed, which is fine – I have nothing against people typing their messages and sticking then sticking them down to avoid issues with legibility or translation, but this was different. The message was clearly a generic one with my name and id hastily added, and more than anything it appeared to be a sales pitch / self promotion tactic to get me to visit her website. (Which I probably would have done had the message felt like it had actually taken some time and been personalised to me!) There was some brief, generic information about the sender and even a tagline saying ‘Happy Postcrossing & Postcard-United’Β – proving she doesn’t even bother sending separate messages for each service. It felt business like, everything about the postcard screamed ‘I’m here to make money, not to have fun’. The postcard came in an envelope which I soon worked out was because there was a letter accompanying it, at first I was excited – I’d never been sent a whole letter to compliment a postcard! Soon, though, I realised what the reality was. The letter was simply another business tactic. It detailed a list of places, in various different countries, that the sender wanted photographs of.Β At first I assumed she just wanted to collect them which seemed like an interesting hobby but, again, as I read on more became clear. She wanted people to email her images of these specific historical and cultural sites so that she could then print them onto postcards that she would sell for her own profit.

The entire situation seemed like exploitation and an abuse of the Postcrossing system to me, but maybe people don’t mind photographing places for other peoples businesses (and personal gain). I don’t know.

I hope I don’t receive too many postcards like this in the future as it seems to take all the fun out of the project.

Image may contain: ocean and water

On a brighter note, beautiful sunsets always make me feel peaceful – especially when they are over water so I was delighted to find this postcard from Caroline in Borneo, in my letterbox. There wasn’t much writing on the back but there was a nice collection of stickers and ink stamps with slogans like ‘Peace on earth‘ which helped brighten my day!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Deborah from Canada sent me this image of a sweet little girl doing some writing, overall I think Deborah’s postcards was the best that came all month. She hand wrote a lovely message on the back where she told me about the weather, her job and her family as well as her hobbies and some questions about what I write. It felt really personal and she even finished it off by wishing me good luck with my writing and leaving a small smiley face in the bottom corner, I was certainly smiling by the time I’d finished reading it!

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This postcard from a sender known only as The Flying RatΒ travelled the least distance out of all of this months as it came from Hereford, which is also here in the UK and, in fact, is where some of my relatives live. It was comforting to get a quintessentially British postcard for a change because even though I enjoy learning about other cultures, sometimes nothing beats familiarity. The photograph was accompanied by a very clever short poem and a thought provoking quote about the open minded children versus the close minded adults.

Image may contain: house and outdoor

From Texas, Sam sent me these incredible looking Victorian homes – they make my house look rather small! She told me about what she’s studying at college and that she also loves the show Pretty Little Liars , which made me laugh, I’m glad the one thing that can bring people from different countries and cultures together, is slightly ridiculous and over-dramatic teen television!

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Daniel and Joe from South of Boston sent me this factual postcard about sleds, which is very fitting for Winter. It’s rare that I receive a card from anyone close to my age so it was nice to know both the boys were also teenagers! Another great thing about this particular postcard were the stamps that came with it, take a look:

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I’ve only actually sent out three postcards this January but managed to have so many incoming because of the batch I sent out at the end of December. Before I can send anymore I need to go shopping and stock up because I only have one left!

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Β The pink postcard on the left headed off to Kristina in Japan, I told her about my favourite book and film, I wish I could write more on my postcards but my handwriting is too big. I’m working on neatening it and making it smaller as the year progresses!

Wilma in the Netherlands received the Cornish cottages postcard, I wrote about the song I was listening to at the time and how relaxing my day had been due to only having one lesson! At the bottom I told her I hoped 2017 was being good to her as well.

Finally Herrn in Germany got the my last Machu Picchu postcard, I was sad to see it go but I hopefully it will be well received wherever it ends up! Herrn’s profile didn’t have any information about what to write so my message was simply about how I wan’t to be happy in life and I believe that as long as I’m happy everything will be okay. Then I put ‘I hope you’re happy and if not I hope you find a way to be’ which I thought was a nice way to end my last outgoing card for January.

Describe the best or worst postcard you’ve ever received in the comments below!

If you want to read my previous round-ups you can find them by typing ‘Postcrossing’ in the search bar on the right!




4 thoughts on “🚲 Postcrossing Incoming & Outgoing January 2017 πŸš²

  1. herloveabout says:

    Hey, Sophie. Thank you for liked my post! I feel interested in doing postcard exchange or Postcrossing with you, in case you also interest to do it with me. I have several postcards from my country Indonesia and other from European, from my last trip in there. Let me know if you feel interested about it too! πŸ™‚

    Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Astrid,
      I would love to discuss swapping postcards with you! My collection isn’t huge at the moment but I am able to go out and get some as I’m going to London on the weekend. Do you have an email address so we can talk about this more specifically? πŸ™‚
      Sophie x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thesnailmail says:

    I also heard from the advertising guy! I groused about his abuse of the system earlier this month:

    I haven’t logged it yet, but I, too, received a postcard from the man calling himself “The Flying Rat.” I found it annoying–but I seem to enjoy being annoyed! =)

    On a brighter note, I love that gorgeous Sabah sunset. OH, and the llamas, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sophie says:

      He really seems to be doing the rounds at the moment! Glad to know I’m not the only one who felt angered by such a blatant misuse of the Postcrossing system. Thank you for reading, as always.
      Sophie x

      Liked by 1 person

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