🌈 New Years Resolutions – In Doodle Form! πŸŒˆ


I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and any hangovers are minimal!

Inevitably as midnight rolled around my family began discussing resolutions for the New Year – and they all had differing opinions as to whether they are worth the time or not. My sixteen year old brother was firmly on the ‘Why bother, you’ll only fail’ side of things whilst I was (for a change!) on the more optimistic side of things. I believe that making resolutions for the New Year is a great tradition because it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment, even if it only ends up lasting for January. Also, why waste one of the only concrete opportunities you are given all year to really make a change, I never feel inclined to follow through with promises to change at any other time of the year – maybe this is just a personal downfall, but somehow it always feels like the wrong time if it’s not the New Year.

To mix things up a bit I decided to attempt (not very well) to hand-write my resolutions and add some doodles to go with them. It was a nice change to typing them on the computer and as college starts again on Tuesday I need to get back in the habit of writing things down anyway! Here they are:

No automatic alt text available.

If you would like to see the letter I wrote to myself last year you can find it here!

Maybe you need some inspirational quotes to get you going Β – I posted my favourites last year, take a look at them here!

What are your resolutions?


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