πŸŽ‡ Crazy Christmas Presents Haul!! πŸŽ‡

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Okay, so it’s a bit late to be wishing you a Happy Christmas, but I hope you all had a wonderful timeΒ – whether you celebrated with family and friends, or just by yourself. It’s safe to say that I had a great Christmas and I was blessed with so many wonderful presents from friends and family that I feel I just have to share how generous everyone has been with you all. I know Christmas is about much more than just receiving presents, it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus (duh!) and about showing love to all those around you, which this year I really did try to focus on, the presents you are about to see are just an extra bonus that I’m extremely lucky to be given. Here’s some of the lovely gifts that are currently seeking a home somewhere in my room:

First lets take a look at all the chocolate I got, because there was quite a bit – including a chocolate pizza slice!

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Something tells me if I eat all this I won’t be able to move for a very long time, I’ll definitely need to find somebody to share it all with! The selection boxes that were gifted to my family as a whole aren’t even included in this list, so you can imagine what our kitchen cupboards look like at the moment…

I also received some other edible and food themed gifts!

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This adorable calendar was one of the gifts in my stocking. Each month has a mouth-watering image and the recipe to go with it. Judging by January’s whoopie pies my New Year diet is going to be painfully tested.

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How cute are these gingerbread man earrings from my Nan?

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Daisy really outdid herself this year, you’ll be hearing more about the things she gave me later on in this post but first can we please appreciate that I have never seen a sweeter reindeer in all my life. It’s almost too sweet for me to bare to remove the candy canes from inside.

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I’m beyond excited to have a go at making these mini gingerbread cottages, not only do they look delicious – they even slide onto the side of your mug so you can enjoy them with your hot chocolate. Alex is going to get a big hug from me next time I see her for gifting me such an awesome edible present!

December is the month when I refrain from buying any bath or beauty products as I always receive an abundance.

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All of these products smelt amazing when I took them out of the packaging and I can’t wait to paint my nails such sparkly colours, especially as my sister turns 21 tomorrow, meaning I’ve got a party to go to! Mini shower products are just so cute too, they’ll look great on my shower shelf.

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To keep all my new beauty products in I got this cool minimalist bag and a beautiful jewellery holder.

I’m in love with those flowers on the glass, it’s definitelyΒ going to take pride of place in my room. My sister also unwrapped a similar one so it’ll be nice to know that wherever we are we have a connection.

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Gold has been so on trend in the blogging world this year which is why I was so pleased to find these gems among my gifts. The first is a plaque, shaped like a heart, which reads ‘Leave a little sparkle wherever you go’ and the second is a ring holder which reads ‘Rings and precious things’. Currently they are sat on my windowsill waiting for a home somewhere they can easily be seen.

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With a Claires voucher I was given I went out and bought this assortment of earrings, what really drew me to them was the bronze colour, as most of my earrings are gold or silver, and also the interesting shapes. I particularly like the leaves in the bottom left hand corner.

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My parents were generous enough to gift me these beautiful cross earrings, as they know Daisy and I have really been exploring our faith more this past year. I’m going to wear these proudly when I’m out and about.

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This tree brooch is similar to the Tree of Life necklace I wear everyday so I need to pick an outfit that I can also wear this with. The small diamonds really add a unique feel to it and reflect the light, drawing attention to it.

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My parents gifted me this lovely Cath Kidston bag, if you read my ‘What’s In My School Bag?’Β post you will have seen that the rucksack I use everyday is also a Cath Kidston one so I’m excited to add another Kidston product to my collection. It’s the perfect size for carrying around everyday items and the pattern is so sweet.

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This coin purse was a nice surprise because I can keep it in my new bag and the patterns are pretty similar, everyone knows me so well!

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We all know how much I love books, and that I have an ever-expanding collection of them so of course I would receive some at Christmas. This one came from my sister and I squealed when I realised what it was – because;

A) I love Hugh Laurie (look how handsome he is on the cover!)


B) I recently finished watching the BBCs adaptation of The Night Manager, which was incredible

Look out for this in a Read & Rave in the New Year when I’ve finished it!

Candles are another of my weaknesses

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The first image is a candle holder with an S on it which now sits on my desk with a tea light in it, it’s a really nice addition to my room. If you’ve been paying really close attention to my blog lately you may have seen the ‘How To Clean Out Candle Containers’ post, where I actually cleaned out the last Wild Cotton candle that I’d finished – evidently my mother has been reading my blog because she bought me a new one to replace it! My friend Lottie also gave me two Yankee Candle testers that smell divine; the Fresh Cut Roses scent and the Lavender, I’m so attached to them I don’t want to burn them just yet.

I mentioned a little bit about my faith earlier so here are some more faith themed presents

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This is a prayer dice that I can roll to reveal a short prayer when I’m not sure what to pray about. I’ve never actually seen these before but I think they’re a great idea, each of the prayers are really easy and I’ve already had a go at using some of this.

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This notebook from my Nan came wrapped with the dice and I’m entranced with the decoration, it’s so elaborate and the colour scheme is goes really well. The top left corner reads ‘Draw near to God and he will draw near to you’ which is a really nice quote which is repeated on each page. I might write some of my favourite prayers in it.

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I told you we’d be coming back to more of Daisy’s gifts later on, she gave me these awesome tabs for my bible. They appear to have been handmade and help to mark the different bible books, I never thought of doing this but it’s a great idea, I just need to set aside some time to put them all in!

You can’t go wrong with something crafty!

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Daisy didn’t just stop there she also went on to spoil me with the prettiest flower themed washi tape I’ve ever seen.

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This sea themed washi tape was another thing I picked up at Claires with my voucher, it was only a pound, I just couldn’t resist! I think I’m going to add these tapes to some of my outgoing Postcrossing cards to brighten them up a bit – so look out for them in my January Postcrossing round-up.

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Technically I knew about this gift before I got it, because I picked it out but I’ve somehow begun collecting paper punches in my crafting stash so when I spotted this intricate star design I had to pick it up! My mum wrapped it and added it to my stocking for me because she’s so wonderful.

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My main present this year was this incredible Die Cutting machine! Just look at how magnificent the box looks! I cannot wait to get started creating pieces for my scrapbooking, it’s going to really help me create some beautiful spreads. If you would like an un-boxing post let me know in the comments below.

There were some more gifts I wanted to show you but I think this post is far too long already! I hope you enjoyed having a peek at all the fantastic gifts I received as much as I enjoyed gushing about them! To finish off this haul here’s a pair of fluffy socks I got because no Christmas is complete without them:

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What awesome gifts did you give or receive this year? Let me know in the comments.


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