🚲 Postcrossing Outgoing December πŸš²

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I’ve just got a quick Postcrossing round-up for you all today, to be honest the lack of incoming postcards is my own fault. There’s been so much going on around here recently that I’ve neglected to log into Postcrossing and send out any postcards, until yesterday. Goodness knows when they’ll reach their recipients as it’s so close to Christmas but oh well.

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I love these first two because I’m sucker for a good quote, hopefully the recipients Β will be as well!

The postcard on the left is heading off to the United States Of America, it actually came with my Erin Condren Life Planner at the start of the year when I wasn’t a member of Postcrossing. I was adamant I’d never have a reason to use it, but look how things have changed! Electra (what an amazing name) didn’t say what she wanted me to write about so I just told her a little bit about what the lead up to Christmas is like here.

The card on the right is going to Valeria in Ukraine who said she liked reading lots, I didn’t have a quote from a book but I decided ‘The world is your oyster’ is inspiring which is why I picked it. On the back I wrote about my two favourite books (If I stay and The Book Thief, in case you were wondering) and wished her a Happy Christmas.

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The card in the top left is heading off to Alina in Russia, she asked me to write aboutΒ travel, I would have given her one of the Machu Picchu postcards but there were already two going in this batch so I decided to tell her about my trips to Cornwall instead. I actually wrote quite a lot on her card, telling her all about the holidays I used to go on and what some of my earliest memories there are! This is actually one of the postcards my mother bought back from Cornwall for me.

Top right is a postcard going to Germany for Merle who also asked me to write about travel/holidays so I told her all about my Peruvian expedition and the five day trek I completed up Machu Picchu. This card is actually one of my favourite because the photograph of the ruins is incredible.

Another Machu Picchu card is going off in this batch, pictured in the bottom left corner, the recipient is Corina in The Netherlands. Corina mentioned in her profile that she does a lot of work with animals which is why I’m sending her the close up of the Llama. I wasn’t sure what to write on the back so I chose to write out and decorate a quote about animals. I’m really happy with how this turned out because I love sending cards with something unusual written on them. If I could draw I would send out sketches but no-one wants a scribble of a dodgy stick man so alas the quotes will have to do!

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The final card, in the bottom right hand corner is travelling to the flower-loving Dasha in Belarus. I’m not sure I’ve ever sent a postcard to Belarus so I was quite excited writing out the address, which in hindsight sounds a bit odd, but my fellow Postcrossers will understand! This card was the easiest to write because she mentioned that she would like to recieve cards with House Md on them which just happens to be one of my favourite shows. I rambled on about all my favourite characters and episodes so I’m praying that it won’t bore her to death.

So that’s the Postcrossing round-up for this month. I doubt I will see any cards through my letterbox until late January now because of the Christmas rush, but that’s fine. I’ll update you in the unlikely event anything makes it here sooner. It feels good to be back in the Postcrossing spirit, although, in hindsight I wish I’d gone out and bought some Christmassy postcards but I missed my opportunity – there’s always next year I suppose!


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10 thoughts on “🚲 Postcrossing Outgoing December πŸš²

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Kristen!
      It’s a website which is free to use, you simply sign up and request your first address, which belongs to a member picked at random. Each member has a profile so you can learn a little bit about their likes/dislikes, then once you’ve mailed your postcard to them you wait to receive one from somebody else random from across the globe. You can request addresses as often as you’d like (although there is a limit to the amount of postcards you can have travelling at once) and every time you send one to someone you will receive another from someone else.
      There’s also the option to organise and partake in direct swaps with other members at your own discretion.
      It’s great fun, I’m so glad I signed up!
      You should head over to the website if you want to sign up or learn more, just search ‘Postcrossing’ and you’ll find it πŸ™‚
      Thanks for reading x


      • Idle Emma says:

        Yes – as soon as I get more stamps in the new year (sending Christmas cards wiped me out!), I’m going to send a batch of postcards! Also, I get excited when I see countries like Belarus pop up too, I’ve only sent one postcard there. It’s a nice change from getting Germany, Russia and the US!

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