Read And Rave | Beautiful Broken Things

Beautiful Broken Things is a novel by Sara Barnard

This is a book that came recommended to me via some internet friends. I found it to be a reasonably short read at 322 pages, but Barnard used each one to her full advantage, and at no point did I feel a dip in the pace of the plot, something I so often do in works of Young Adult fiction.

The book centres around Caddy, Rosie and Suzanne, three teenage girls whose friendship is basically pushed to the limit – torn apart and put back together again. Suzanne is the new girl in town and manages to find her way into the friendship Caddy and Rosie have been nurturing their whole lives but Suzanne has a complicated past that will ultimately affect all their futures. I found it extremely easy to relate to these characters and it was refreshing to discover a book aimed at teenage girls that wasn’t entirely focused on the romance of a hopeless young girl and the witty young boy who saves her. Before reading be wary that at some points it does deal with some issues that will evoke strong emotions.

As with most of the novels I read ‘Beautiful Broken Things’ did a good job of breaking my heart. (We can’t have things getting too cheery around here now can we?)Β There were some extremely poignant passages, one resonated with me so much so that when I had finished the novel I went back and bookmarked it – maybe it was the English Lit. student in me taking over but it’s certainly something I have never done voluntarily before.

If you’re in a melancholy mood and have a few hours to spare I suggest wrapping yourself up in a duvet this winter and settling down with Barnard’s bestselling book.


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