Plan With Me // October 24.10.16

I have a flamingo themed planner spread for you this week – yes you did read that right! You’re probably thinking ‘that’s not very Autumnal Sophie’ but I feel like there are only so many weeks I can use orange and brown shades before my planner starts to look like I’ve dropped it in some mud. I’m pleased with how this switch up turned out and when looking for a washi tape to match the spread I found a flamingo one I’d purchased at Hobbycraft a while ago and completely forgotten about, how’s that for fate?

I’ve also got an exciting announcement at the end of today’s post!

I actually mixed and matched a few different free kits to achieve this overall aesthetic, both will be linked at the end of this post!

As I’ve mentioned in previous Plan With Me posts I’ve started separating each page into different colour schemes as I think it really improves the overall look. When I used to mix and match different coloured pieces from the kits, on the same page, it often became an overwhelming mixture of shades.

For once I’ve actually already planned out my blog posts for the first half of the week. (Can I get a ‘heck yeah‘?) But we all know that, knowing me, this plan will soon change. Ho hum at least I’m trying to stay on top of things, I’ll let you know how sticking to my plan went in next weeks Plan With Me post.

Those gradient check boxes are so pretty I want to use them in all my spreads.

I’m bringing flamingo’s into fashion this Autumn because I can and why not? I love that they’re pink so can easily be made into an elegant or funky design with a matching colour palette.

This weekend is going to be very special for me as I am being Baptised and Confirmed at my Church so their the two main things I’ve highlighted in Saturday’s and Sunday’s boxes.

This cute watercolour quote is from a different kit to the flamingo’s but I felt it matched the overall theme quite nicely and I’m always a sucker for a good inspirational quote.

As always I decided to use the sidebar for miscellaneous tasks that I need to complete throughout the week, I really need to practice my knitting but things have been so hectic around here lately! This ‘random’ sticker from a sticker book I purchased at Hobbycraft a while ago seemed like a good choice for the header.

Flowers go well with most themes and by layering these at the bottom of the sidebar I was able to cover the original colour scheme. I’ve always been baffled as to why Erin Condren planners have a small bar of colour in the bottom left corner of each weekly spread page? It just annoys me and never matches the look I’m going for!

Considering I’d forgotten I’d even bought this washi tape it ended up being the perfect addition to my spread, I also added a small strip of blue washi tape to cover one line below it on the right hand page and a small strip of pink washi tape on the left hand page.

Weekend banners aren’t always included in free kits but when they are I jump at the chance to use them because it reminds me that no matter what happens in the week there’s always the weekend to look forward to!

My week has certainly got off to a good start after checking my planner and realising that I get to look at this awesome spread all week! I’m so pleased.

The free kits I used this week can be found on my planning pinterest boardΒ or individually:

  • Go here for the kit with the ‘make good use of today’ quote and flowers
  • Here for the kit with the flamingos and full boxes

Β Finally I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you all –

Sophiesuite is now on Instagram so you can keep up with my day to day life and see what’s coming up on the blog!

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