Plan With Me // October 17.10.16

For this weeks spread I used this free kit from Planner Pickett.

As always all the free kits I used are pinned to my Perfect Planning Board on Pinterest so you can easily find them!

Originally there was quite a lot of blank and white space in this spread so I added three different washi tapes that I felt worked well with the colour scheme.

Although the colours used aren’t very Autumnal I really like them, sometimes you just need a break from the browns and oranges!

I absolutely love the ‘Hello Fall’ typography that came with one of the full boxes, I decided to place it over the thankful thought box because Autumn is my favourite season and I’m very grateful for it.

Mixing and matching patterns was an integral part of this weeks spread, you won’t believe how many washi tapes got stuck down and then peeled off because they didn’t quite work.

There’s still quite a lot of white space as this kit had less elements than the ones I usually use but it was a fun challenge trying to fill most of it in, and what’s left will soon have writing scrawled over it anyway.

You can never go wrong with some florals, even at this time of year!

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