🚲 Postcrossing Incoming & Outgoing October πŸš²

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Since Septembers round-up I’ve already had six postcards through my letterbox. They are all completely different from one another and unique in their own ways. One common theme throughout though is that all the senders seem to have managed to find beautiful stamps to embellish as well as transport – I feel like I really need to up my stamp game now!

First up is this postcard from Yumiko in Japan, who tells me the characters depicted are from a popular anime called Hatsune-Miku. This cards very fitting for October with the Halloween inspired outfits, it’s getting me excited for the 31st already!

I love this card from Grace in the USA, she sent a Jane Austen quote, as I mentioned in my profile that I like reading. It says ‘Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like’ – it’s from Austen’s third novel Mansfield Park. Once again I’m wholly unimpressed with the postal service as not only did it take eighteen days to reach me, it was also bent in the corners and had the black smudge you can see above on it. Fortunately I was soon distracted from my annoyance by the array of awesomeΒ washi tapes and stickers Grace used on the back.

This one came from Christa in Germany and also looks as though it was picked due to the mention that I like to read in my profile – which is fine by me! She translated the message as saying ‘Good books make life better’ and I cannot agree more. I was also very impressed to find out that the sender holds a Guinness World Record, I need to get my life in gear and start ticking things off my bucket list because that’s one of them.

These gardening guinea pigs came from Rain in China, aren’t they adorable? They remind me of the Peter Rabbit stories. Receiving cards like these is why I leave senders to post whatever they like, without requesting a list of anything specific, it tells me a lot about the person by what they choose. So despite there not being an abundance of information in her message I feel like I know quite a lot about her life and likes/dislikes. Rain used some beautiful stamps, they had flowers on and brightened up the whole card.

Nadya in Russia sent this postcard of a building, if anybody knows what it is let me know in the comments because so far I have been unable to find out. I tried translating the text in the top right corner which came up with ‘Mr Elinsky’ – the name didn’t turn up any search results so I assume the translation was wrong. It’s a nice postcard though, that has a vintage feel to it.

*Update* Daisy translated the text on the card for me and it actually says ‘Belinsky’, which is a small town in Russia – so my internet translation was sort of close! It was named after Vissarion Belinsky, a Russian literary critic who spent his childhood there.

Finally, Tiesk sent these camper-vans from the Netherlands. The one specific thing I have written in my profile is: ‘I have a slight obsession with vintage yellow vw bugs so if you can find a postcard with one on I will be very impressed!’ other than that I say you can send whatever you like, so I thought it was sweet that as Tiesk hadn’t been able to find the car I had mentioned he sent something as close as he could get. He obviously puts thought into each card he sends which is really sweet.


The first three I sent were these – the Paris card went to Anna in Ukraine who asked me to write about the last film I watched. I told her about Atonement which was one I had to watch for my English Literature class, she requested a Paris themed card so I think I did pretty well here! The middle card went to Angelica in Germany who wanted to know what the last book I read was, meaning I also wrote about Atonement on hers as I read the book and then watched the film. She asked for some specific images on her postcard but unfortunately I couldn’t find a single shop in my town that had something matching her description so I just had to send her the generic London one. On the right the Cathedral went to Michael in the Czech Republic, he asked for important buildings in your area and this was one of the main ones that came to mind – it also was a great excuse to go on an excursion to the other side of town for the day as you have to pick up the postcards at the Cathedral itself if you want to get the best price.

This model Lion went to Jameson in the USA, he’s a young boy who’s Mother uses the postcards he receives to teach him about the world which I thought was very intuitive and sweet. He had a multitude of interests listed in his profile but I couldn’t find anything that matched up so I just sent a ‘kid friendly’ one which was one of the requests. To be honest this is one of my favourite outgoing so far as I told him all about the National Space Centre we have here and how exciting it is. Hopefully he found it interesting!

You may remember this postcard from my August round-up because I bought it that long ago! This month I finally mailed it to Anna in Russia, who’s profile was actually blank which meant I had nothing to go on when choosing a card. Unfortunately this kind of postcrosser is one of the ones I mentioned in my Postcrossing Peeves post. I just hope it was the kind of thing she likes as I had to sort of go with what I thought most people would like to receive. I bought the postcard at a National Trust house in Devon as they always have little gems, Anna’s was the last one I sent, I’m just waiting for them all to reach their destinations and then I will be able to mail some more!


Gosh this ended up being a rather long post! Have you received any particularly interesting mail so far this month? What’s the best card you’ve ever sent out?


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