Plan With Me // October 03.11.16

I am so in love with this weeks spread! Yes, I know I say that every week but the printable I used this time was perfect. It was a coffee based kit and since I’m currently loving the Gilmore Girls on Netflix and they’re obsessed with coffee – I just had to decorate my spread with it! Usually I mix and match the colours on my double page spread but this time I decided to do a page blue and a page pink, the contrast works really well and I might start sticking to solid colours more often.

Weekly I am tracking blog posts, to make sure I send out seven (we shall see if that happens this week!) and also exercise to make sure I’m doing a good amount each day. In the sidebar this week I have used the bill tracker that came with the printable, as I don’t have any actual bills going out I am using it as a mock-up to see how much it would cost me to self-host my blog because it’s an idea I’ve been toying with lately and my Mother keeps telling me to switch to self-hosted.

Over the quote box I stuck one of the full boxes that was for notes, I really like stamping in the quote space as my handwriting is never neat enough and sticking something init always looks rushed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a quote stamp that I really liked in my collection so I just chose to use this cute perfume bottle instead.

The right hand page was my pink side and I chose to add some of my own polka dot pink washi tape along the top as it matches the colour scheme perfectly and avoids leaving a large white gap. 

Most of the To Do boxes towards the end of the week are pretty empty at the moment – but I know as the week progresses I will get more and more assignments and due dates flooding in, so although it looks like it’s going to be a peaceful week my planner is not yet a true representation of my schedule.

The page on the left was my blue page, I love this pale shade and I’m a sucker for those planner spreads where most of the page is covered so that’s what I’ve tried to achieve here. If I’m going to take the time to plan I may as well go all in! Again I added a small strip of washi tape that matches the colour scheme along the top to fill in the space, I also covered the four lines that sit below the full boxes in the Erin Condren with a larger washi tape that incorporated both blue and pink in its design.

Which planner do you use? Do you decorate it?

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