β™’ How To Beat Bloggers Block β™’

We’ve all been there – that dreaded moment when you sit down to write a blog post and suddenly have no idea what you want to say. Or worse; you don’t even bother sitting down, instead you just keep quietly creeping past your laptop whilst looking the other way and trying to push the ‘lack of recent posts’ guilt away.

Now you’re probably expecting me to give you a list of things to write about, but this isn’t going to be one of those posts. There are already plenty of those around and I’m pretty sure I can’t add anything new to one of them at the moment so instead the advice I’m going to give you is – embrace the block. I assume you are staring at your screen looking very sceptical right about now, but really, honestly writing block can actually be quite productive once in a while. If you know what to do whilst you’ve got it that is. Here are a few quick things you can get done whilst the next great blog post idea takes its time to hit you.

Grab a piece of paper (not a keyboard) and take the time to write down everything that’s in your head. I mean everything, however mundane or useless it seems. Get it down. Even if it isn’t all blog related add everything and anything to the list, if you feel the need to doodle on the page – do. There are no rights and no wrongs, this is a creative space for helping clear some of the clutter floating round in your head. When you’re finished if anything looks interesting save it somewhere, by copying it out or typing it up. If it’s all random, irrelevant thoughts that’s fine too. Every once in a while take the time to empty your mind it’s therapeutic and can help make way for the next brilliant idea.

Check your drafts, are there any posts in there that you started once upon a time and never got round to finishing? Even if the overall content of the posts no longer looks appealing, are there any points you really like that you could pick out and make a new post out of? Look carefully because the premise for your next post could be in there somewhere – if your drafts are empty consider jotting down a reminder to write a batch of blog posts and save them in there once you’ve got you blogging brain back in gear. It could be a lifesaver next time you’ve got bloggers block.

Consider getting some blogging tasks completed that aren’t necessarily related to writing, this way you are being productive whilst you pass the time till inspiration hits. This can include, but is not limited to, tasks such as:

  • Reading and replying to blogging emails
  • Decluttering your Pinterest boards
  • Updating your logo or blog layout
  • Googling and learning new Photoshop skills
  • Taking generic stock photos to use in later posts
  • Interacting with readers on social media
  • Reading other people’s blog posts
  • Buying or making props for photos
  • Creating a signature to use at the bottom of posts
  • Brainstorming ideas for new blog series or segments
  • Tidying up your blogging work space

If you’re still really stuck for ideas why not try revamping one you’ve already used? Going back and updating old blog posts can be a great place to start breaking through the brain freeze. Try toΒ focus on really early posts that probably aren’t up to the same standard as your writing now, add images to brighten them up and make sure at least one of them is pinnable so you reach a wider audience. If it was an opinionated post do you still agree with what you wrote at the time – or have circumstances changed? If the latter is the case consider a whole new post with a link back to the original explaining how your opinion has evolved and why. Even if it’s not an opinion post check for spelling errors and sentences that could be better, the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference.

Above all, relax. If you spend hours stressing over new material you will only end up wearing yourself out. It’s natural to get stuck for ideas every once in a while – don’t let it get you down. If you need to take a break, do, your blog will still be here when you get back.

Do you have any ideas to help overcome bloggers block? Do you get it often? Which is your favourite idea on this list?

Sophie x

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