Plan With Me // 26.09.16

This week I chose to differ slightly from the usual Autumnal colours and instead use some shades of blue in my spread. I started with the butterfly washi tape along the bottom and then built up from there; for the full boxes I managed to find an Autumnal themed free planner sticker set (from here) that included some blue elements, so I chose to use it. Although it was designed for the Happy Planner I managed to make the pieces workΒ in my Erin Condren, either by trimming bits and pieces slightly or just layering.

This week in my sidebar I am tracking how many postcards I’ve sent via Postcrossing, sales I’ve made on Redbubble, the amount of hours I spend on the laptop each day and how many blog posts I manage to send out this week. Hopefully I will be able to get seven posts out but I’m at a University in London tomorrow so we shall see.

I’m really, really enjoying life now that Autumn is getting underway!

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Sophie x


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