🌿 Autumnal Craft & Candle Haul πŸŒΏ

I went out to do a bit of shopping today and of course I came back with a bit more than I expected, here’s what I got:

Five bundles of Double Knit Yarn in Navy Blue

From Aldi

All five came in a packet but I could feel through the plastic when I picked it up how soft the yarn was. I haven’t actually mentioned to you all yet but I’m in the process of learning how to knit. Recently I’ve just been itching to learn as many new and useful skills as possible – I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my senior year and I’ll be moving out next year or just because I spend most of my time working and it would be nice to do something else for a change! At Β£3.99 for all five this was a really inexpensive buy. I can’t wait to start on some cosy knitwear for those cool Autumnal nights!

Vanilla & Oatmeal Candle

FromΒ Sainsburys

I was looking for an Autumnal scented candle but alas I had no luck, the only one I found was a Yankee candle which didn’t smell that great and couldn’t convince me to part with Β£9. Instead I chose this Vanilla & Oatmeal scented candle, there were quite a few other non-Autumnal flavours on the shelf around it but out of all of them this was the only one that really smelt good to me. The candle is pretty large, in fact it’s probably about the same size as the Yankee candle only this one was Β£4.50 and considering the jar can be cleaned out and used afterwards with the lid I decided it was worth it. Perfect for when it starts to get darker earlier and I want to add a bit of warmth to the house without putting on the lights. (Does anyone else find that the main house lights give a really artificial feel to the room? Maybe it’s just the bulbs I use. Hmm.) Anyway I’m going to light this candle tonight because I know the light scent will waft through the house and make the entire atmosphere more peaceful which is just what I need right now. I have to say I shall be continuing to hunt for an Autumnal scent that’s nice and affordable so I might search Pinterest for a DIY version – I’m sure there’s one out there! If not I’ll come up with my own.

Five bundles of Purple Twisted Fancy Yarn

From Aldi

I was drawn to this yarn simply because, to me, the colours looked perfectly Autumnal. I was stood there in the aisle of the shop, in the way of everyone, envisioning the beautiful scarf I could knit and then wear as golden leaves fell around me. At Β£2.99 for five bundles this was another bargain and I’m so pleased I spotted it, I may end up going back later in the week because there was such a huge selection of yarns and wools.

Pink A3 Cutting Mat

From Aldi

I already have an A4 cutting mat but I’ve been needing an A3 one recently so this is perfect. I chose to get it in pink as my other mat is green and it just makes it easier to grab from my craft drawer when I’m rummaging around for things. It was Β£2.99 which I’m pretty sure is actually cheaper than the A4 one I originally bought from a different shop which is how I know it was good value. They didn’t have any craft knives that I could see and I do need to stock up on some new ones so that’s something I’m still on the look out for. If anyone has any recommendations for good quality craft knives/scalpels let me know in the comments – I’ll be very grateful!!

Hopefully I’ll be sharing my venture into the world of knitting with you all soon, after all I’ve got plenty of supplies for it now and no room for excuses.

That’s all I bought today so be sure to head over to my social media to see the little things I buy during the week!


Sophie x


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