🚲 September Postcrossing Incoming & Outgoing πŸš²

Hi there!


So far I’ve had these two lovely postcards this month, although I am expecting a few more soon. They are both very different styles but I really like each for different reasons. The first one was from Giraffe in Japan and she told me all about the refreshing crushed ice they have in the summer and that “Uji Kiutoki” is her favourite flavour. Then I got the postcard from Sue in Washington, who is now retired and has lots of time to look at the real version of the lovely view pictured!


I’ve sent out four postcards this month and will be sending out another tomorrow. The two on the left my parents brought back for me when they went on holiday to Cornwall and the two on the right you may recognise from previous Postcrossing posts where I mentioned that I would soon be sending them. The first address I requested was someone who mentioned they liked seeing the views of different countries, the second loved maps, the third wanted to know more about individual cities and their heritage (hence the painting of the King who was found buried here) and the fourth likes vintage finds. Overall I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job with this postcard selection!

Now that I’m a couple of weeks into my senior year things aren’t quite as hectic and I have much more time to write and mail postcards, so I’m pretty much sending out as many as I can at once. Although I have a stash of postcards ready to send out, I do like to tailor the ones sent to the person receiving – so occasionally I have to go out and buy a new design. The fifth address I requested gave me a young boy from America who expressed several of his favourite things in his ‘about me’ section; so I went out today and bought his postcard specially – it will be featured in next months Postcrossing roundup!

I hope you’re having a good week! Have you had any interesting mail recently? Let me know in the comments below.

As always be sure to check out my Postcrossing Pinterest Board for more Postcrossing fun!

Sophie x


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