Plan With Me // September 12.09.16

Have I mentioned how much I love Autumn?

Yeah, you’re right. I have… like a thousand times, which is why this week I used an Autumnal themed sticker kit. I downloaded it for free from FitLifeCreative here.

Also don’t forget if you want to see any of the free sticker kits I have ever used they are all over on my Perfect Planning Pinterest board.

I decided to use my space in a different way again this week because I really like mixing things up and finding ways to fit more useful information into my planner. Yesterday I saw this pin from Buzfeed about how to track mental health in your bullet journal and I thought it would be a good use of the space at the bottom of my spread.

Usually I either cover the four lines at the bottom with washi tape or stickers and occasionally I use the space to track meals, but as I’m not actually in charge of the meals being made it’s sort of pointless. So this week I picked five different tasks that are beneficial to my mental health and general day to day well-being, that I should be completing everyday. This includes things such as:

  • Drinking Enough Water
  • Making The Bed
  • Getting 30 mins exercise
  • Ate Breakfast
  • Took Tablets

At the end of each day I will look at my planner and put a cross through the circle for that day under each item if I managed to complete it. Then at the end of the week I can look back and see how regularly and consistently I was doing the simple tasks. Each week I want to have as many circles crossed through as possible.

I also gave the sidebar the title ‘Weekly’ but rather than crossing off things I should be doing each day I’m going to be tracking how much time I spend watching Netflix and on my laptop. When it comes to screen time I’m really bad at going excessively overboard, after all I run a blog and have a social media presence that I need to maintain each day. Often this means I’m spending three quarters of my day staring at a screen and in the coming months I really need to cut back because my eyes are really starting to feel the effects. Not to mention how much it messes with my sleep pattern.

There’s not much written down yet but I promise you by the end of the week everyday will be completely packed with information!

Which planner do you use? What do you track in it?

Sophie x






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