🚴 Ride And Stride 2016 πŸš΄

The Ride and Stride is an annual event held by the local churches in my area where the goal is to visit as many churches as possible in one day on foot or cycling. Then you collect sponsors and the money gets divided equally to the churches involved for maintenance.

I’ve done it for many years with my Nan and it always turns into one big adventure. Last year we stumbled upon a large group of people dressed in wacky outfits, heading to comicon. In the past I have been stopped by someone who asked if I was Emily (my sister) as she explained she knew her when she was three. Often we stop in Bruccianis, which is a favourite cafe of ours – it has these little booths and does amazing soda shakes! Most of the time I spend taking photos though so here’s a small selection from today:

It was raining all day but we managed to visit twenty churches on foot which I thought was an achievement. I also signed up to help feed the homeless so something really good came out of the day.

Which photo is your favourite and did you get up to anything exciting or unusual this weekend? – Let me know in the comments below!

For more interesting photos take a look at my Pinterest, Bloglovin and Tumblr!

Sophie x


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