❇️ Bible Verse Fortune Cookies ❇️

I attend a Church Youth Group on a Friday evening along with Daisy, and this week it was out turn to bake something for the group to share during the session. After the frantic pinning of lots of goodies over on Pinterest we decided to try making fortune cookies – with a twist. Rather than putting fortunes inside we thought it would be appropriate to put bible verses. So here’s how we did it:

For The Verses:

We found verses we like by scrolling through Pinterest, and pinning them all to one board. As we were baking for a small group of people we know, we actually chose two verses for each person and then put one in each fortune cookie respectively for the person. Clearly this is optional and it’s probably a lot easier to just pick random verses to suit all, so it’s up to you!

Rather than typing out the whole verse we just typed up the references. I.e – Matthew 5:16. This was so the pieces of paper would roll up easily and fit inside the cookies. The exact size we used for the text boxes was 10cm across and 1.6cm up, these rolled up and fit perfectly.

When we hand out the cookies we will have bibles with us so people can look up the verses but even if you didn’t have bibles with you people could quickly search on their phones or take them home.

Anyway we typed up the verses and then printed them and used a paper trimmer to cut them down to size. Then we put them to one side.


For The Cookies:

  • 1/4 Cup Plain Flour
  • 1/4 Cup Caster Sugar
  • Vanilla Es
  • 1 Egg White
  • Salt
  • Baking tray
  • Grease-proof Paper
  • A Drinking Cup
  • Muffin Tray

Lay the grease-proof paper over the baking tray and cut to size, if the baking tray has low sides that allow the paper to move secure it by greasing the corners with a little butter. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Start by taking your egg white and adding an eighth of a teaspoon of vanilla essence to it, then whisk it up until it is light and foamy. This can be done with an electric whisk but is just as easy by hand.

Then sieve in the flour and mix it all together. Follow this with the sugar and a pinch of salt.

Continue to mix until everything is combined and you get a pancake batter consistency.

Once you have achieved this take a teaspoon and spoon two thin, round circles (of your desired size) onto the baking tray. Make sure they are nice and smooth by creating a circular motion with the back of the teaspoon.

Place these in the oven and set a timer for four minutes, this may vary slightly but you will know once they are cooked as the outer edges of the circles will be golden brown and the inner circle will be pale.

Take them out and immediately place a rolled up verse inside each, then fold the circle in half over it (yes they will be slightly hot to handle). Seal it by lightly pushing both edges of the pastry together and then create the indented shape of the cookie by pushing it against the rim of a cup using two fingers.

You will notice that once they have even slightly cooled they are impossible to mould which is why you only put two in to start with. This gives you time to mould them both before they are too cool. Once moulded place them in the muffin tin holes to ensure they keep their shape.

Repeat the above steps until all your mixture is gone!

To Present:

We made Origami pyramids tied with string to present each individual cookie in – you can view the how to post for them here!

For more great recipes see my Pinterest, Bloglovin and Tumblr!

Sophie x


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