Read And Rave | Elizabeth Is Missing

Hi there! This seems to be the most popular segment on my blog so here’s another book review for you all.

Elizabeth Is Missing copy

Elizabeth Is Missing is a novel by Emma Healey.

Now before I start I want to point out that this is a book that I have now got to write an essay on – I read it for my English Literature class. But this is no way affected my judgement on it or whether I liked it. I actually chose it myself so it’s not like it was handed to me and I was told I had to read it – I picked to read it and then write an essay on it.

Basically this book is about Maud, an old lady who has dementia – causing her to forget everyday things and her struggle to find out what happened to her sister, who disappeared when Maud was just a child. Having such an unreliable sounds like it would make for a frustrating read but in actual fact it is very interesting and a nice light read. I got through it in a day and a half as it’s only 275 pages long.

I’m not going to say it’s my all time favourite book as I was slightly disappointed with the ending; which I felt was a bit anticlimactic and predictable, but it was a good read overall and not at all unpleasant. I enjoyed the flashbacks to snippets of her childhood which appear at intervals within the novel, it was fun piecing together the information given. Also it was an interesting look at dementia and how those around Maud coped with her symptoms, usually in a very respectful and caring manner, but occasionally reaching the end of their tethers, and blowing up at her being unable to follow a simple request. Such as – don’t make toast. Of course it’s entirely not her fault that she forgets.

So it was an okay book but I didn’t feel like it was a great one. If you have read it and have a different opinion let me know in the comments below!

Sophie x



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