What’s Coming Up In July!

Hi guys! I thought it might be helpful to outline what is going to be happening over here on Sophiesuite in July because things are going to be a different.

Basically on the second of July I am going to be hopping on a plane and heading to Peru! Now this is a trip that has been in the works for two years and the whole point of it is to help the locals by building schools and such. As amazing as it is hopefully going to be it also means I will be unreachable for the entire month. Yep that’s right I will have no internet or phone service at all throughout July.

Unfortunately this means that there will be no new content appearing in July, I did seriously consider scheduling a post for each day but when I actually mapped it out I realised what a mammoth task it would be and with all my school work it just wasn’t possible.

However I will be back at the end of July and I’m hoping I will have lots of amazing photos and stories to share with you all!

This coming week posts will continue to go up as normal until Thursday night


Sophie x


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