Feel Unique Pamper Me Unboxing


This box full of goodies was given to me by Daisy and I thought I would have a look at it all with you!


  • Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
  • Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish
  • Rituals Miracle Balm Ultra Softening Hand Balm
  • Comfort Zone Tranquillity Blend
  • Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream

The total cost of the box is Β£18 but Feel Unique say the contents is worth Β£60 so that’s a saving of over 50% on all the products.

The first thing I tried was the body polish – you massage it into wet skin and then wash it off so I used it in the shower. As soon as I opened the product I could smell it, but it smelt good; sweet almost. This is probably because it contains juniper, geranium, lavender and bergamot oils. My favourite thing about this product is that it’s 99% natural so is perfect for people like me who have sensitive skin. It also certainly made my skin feel softer.

Next I tried the hand balm which also smelt amazing, it’s White Lotus and Ginkgo Biloba. I really like the metallic packaging it comes in and it contains 75ml, which is larger than most of the other hand balms I own but means it lasts longer whilst still being just small enough to take on the go with me. When I applied it I found it soaked in quickly and the scent lingered well without being overwhelming. My only issue is that it left my hands slightly oily but I think this is a side effect of most hand balms anyway.

Third I used the rose body cream, I wasn’t as excited about the smell of this one – it was a bit strong and reminded me of a perfume shop where people had been spraying products all day. Also the packaging is slightly blander than the rest but probably would look better on my bathroom shelf as it wouldn’t be a bright colour overpowering the decor. The cream itself absorbed quickly and effectively and did seem rejuvenating.

As I’d just used the rose body cream I thought I would test the rosewater balancing mist which claims to hydrate and soften. I sprayed a small amount on my faceΒ and lightly rubbed it in, it had quite a strong smell but wasn’t overpowering. It definitely made me feel more awake and because it was on my face I occasionally got a waft of the scent later on when I was moving around, which was nice.

Lastly I tried out the tranquillity blend, pouring a small drop onto each wrist. Out of all the products this one had my least favourite smell, I also feel that the packaging was a bit excessive. I’m not sure there was need for a whole box just for one small bottles worth of oil.

What are your favourite beauty products?

Sophie x



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