✨ Birthday Presents Haul! ✨


Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday and I was overwhelmed by all the love my family and friends sent me whether it was through messages, cards or presents. I thought it would be fun to share some of the presents I received with you all today!

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that I have been spoilt rotten and I am already preparing to write a tonne of thank you cards!

The first present I opened was a the book Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes, it was gifted to me by one of my school friends and I was so excited when I realised what it was. She has been going on and on about this book for ages now and is always telling me how much she loves it, she also went to see the recently released film and said it was amazing. I can’t wait to start reading it, look out for it in my read and rave segment soon.

Next I opened the presents from my parents – they gave me three All Time Low cds and a cake decorating kit. Originally I only asked for one cd but they were on offer so my mother bought three! The albums I got were Nothing Personal, So Wrong It’s Right and Don’t Panic. All Time Low are one of my favourite bands so I spent the rest of the day playing them on full volume (much to the annoyance of my siblings). I haven’t had time to try out the cake decorating kit yet but it comes with one hundred pieces and I will be sure to show you the finished results. Piping icing is so relaxing, it’s the best bit about making cakes in my opinion so, I’m glad I’ve now got so many nozzles to choose from ad create designs with. They also got me two mini Santoro Gorjuss notebooks, I am obsessed with the entire range as the designs are so unique and adorable so these were a pleasant surprise.

In total I got five new cds yesterday as I also got Head Or Heart by Christina Perri, which includes my all time favourite song The Words along with Collide With The Sky by Pierce The Veil which has Hold On Till May on. I’m yet to have played the entire Pierce The Veil album yet but I have so many of their songs on my Spotify and they are great. These were indirectly gifted to me as I bought them with money received – whilst I was in town spending the money I also got seasons one and two of the TV series Once Upon A Time because although I watch it on Netflix I prefer having my own copies, you never know if something will get removed one day or if at some point I won’t have Netflix anymore.

Daisy was extremely generous and gave me a Feel Unique box full of spa products, there are five different products in total and if you want a more in depth look at the contents and what I think, stay tuned as I will be doing a separate post on the whole box shortly.

My Nan bought me a holding cross made from Olive Wood so I can hold it in my hand whilst I pray, it’s beautifully handmade and even came with a booklet full of prayers I can say. She also gave me two mini packs of cards to take with me when I go on Expedition to Peru next month, along with a small notebook to jot down blog post ideas.

Another friend of mine from school gave me a beautifully personally tailored set of gifts. She actually gave me the shabby chic crate you can see all my presents in above and within it she packed some of my favourite things – ted baker perfume and lotion and two peanut butter KitKats. It sounds like an odd assortment of items but it felt really special when I opened it because it shows that she really pays attention when I tell her things and even when I buy things. (I get a Peanut Butter KitKat when we go shopping on a Monday!)

My sister gave me a cute pillow with multi-coloured raindrops on it and metallic gold lettering which reads, ‘Know Who You Are, Love Who You Are.’ I have lots and lots of cushions on my bed because they make my room feel much more homely and add a splash of colour. She also gave me some adorable brightly coloured binder clips with little things written on them such as ‘To do’ and ‘Reminders’. I can’t wait to use them in my planner.

You may also be able to see some blue beads hanging over the edge of the right hand side of the crate, this is the gorgeous blue bracelet my Gran gave me – it also came with a matching necklace and despite being larger than the type of necklaces I usually wear it looked really good when I put it on.

Last but not least I received a Theatre voucher and a Pizza Hut voucher. I’ve never even heard of Theatre vouchers before and I absolutely love anything related to the performing arts so I cannot believe I get to pick any show I wan’t to go to and then go for a pizza afterwards! If you have any ideas for shows I have to see let me know in the comments below.

I am so grateful to everyone who took the time and money to invest in a gift or card to make my seventeenth birthday the best one yet!

Sophie x






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