I’m Old Enough To Drive!

Hi guys. You may have noticed the lack of post today and that’s because I have been busy celebrating my 17th birthday! It’s been a pretty hectic kind of day I had lots of people to see and places to go but it’s really made me appreciate what I have. The outpouring of love and kindness on social media and in person has been overwhelming – my online presence is bigger than it has ever been before and it is having a huge positive impact on the way I experience day to day life.

Honestly I’m used to not getting my hopes up for birthdays as in the past they have consisted of me sitting at home alone, but this year was amazing! Also I am seriously looking forward to having my first ever driving lesson because it’s one step closer to a whole new level of freedom I so far have only been able to imagine.

Tomorrow I will be sharing my huge birthday present haul with you all! I hope you had a wonderful day too – let me know in the comments.

Sophie x


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