🎡10 Songs I Could Listen To Forever πŸŽ΅

I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit today and give you a real insight into me. The best way I could think to do that was by baring my soul through the music I listen to – so here are ten songs I could listen to forever!

  1. Kangaroo CryBlue October
  2. I Know You CareEllie Goulding
  3. Hands Of TimeRachel Diggs
  4. Your Guardian AngelΒ –Β The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  5. Somewhere In Neverland –Β All Time Low
  6. Heart Like YoursΒ –Β Willamette Stone
  7. The ScientistΒ Coldplay
  8. 2 Poor KidsΒ –Β Ruth B
  9. Fast CarTracy Chapman
  10. BeautifulΒ –Β Christina AguileraΒ 

All these songs have different special meanings to me, whether they helped me get through a tough time in my life or were recommended to me by someone special. If you have any questions about why I’ve chosen a certain song feel free to ask!

If you could only pick one song to listen to forever what would it be?

Sophie x


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