Read And Rave | All The Bright Places

This week I am bringing you another Read and Rave! If you missed my last one you can find it here. I’m enjoying this segment of my blog so much that I am buying new books every time I go out just to make sure I always have new content to bring you.

All The Bright Places copy

All The Bright Places is a novel by Jennifer Niven.

I’m not sure where to start. This book left my heart aching – I love it but it also leaves a heavy feeling in your chest when you finish it. This might not sound like a good thing but it is, it leaves you questioning the world around you and your own choices in life which I think a good book should do.

The book itself is narrated from two view points, that of Finch and that of Violet. Two high school students who meet and then embark on a project together to explore their state before they leave for college. I really enjoyed the split narration and the way it allowed the raw emotions of both characters to be shared equally.

As a piece of young adult fiction I did find that I was drawing parallels between it and the works of John Green but it had enough quirks in it to make me feel like it wasn’t a carbon copy. I think the constraints of the genre and the target audience do make it difficult not drop all Y.A novels in a neatly drawn box next to the more widely recognised successes and call them imitations.

Overall I really enjoyed it and recommend it highly to you all. Just be prepared to not leave your room for a few days whilst you devour it and also about a week after finishing it whilst you desperately try and recover like I am now!

Sophie x



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