Alice In Wonderland Inspired Wreck This Journal

The instructions on this page of my Wreck This Journal were document time passing –  this immediately made me think of the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland with his pocket watch. So I took inspiration from it and designed today’s page!

I started by using bulldog clips on each corner of my journal in order to hold the pages down. Then I took a soft paintbrush and my pink acrylic paint to cover the background. I was going to go for a blue background like Alice’s dress but the background for my Peter Pan inspired Wreck This Journal was blue so I switched to pink.

Whilst the paint dried I googled the rabbits stopwatch and printed it off. I then started tracing it but I have a definite lack of fine art skills so in the end just cut out the original using a cutting mat, craft knife and scissors. As the image was in black and white I gave it some colour with an orange and yellow colouring pencil.

This then got stuck down on the left hand page with some PVA. Using sharpie I then filled the rest of both pages with the quote ‘How long is forever?’, ‘Sometimes just one second.’

I hope you like the completed spread!


Sophie x


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