Impulse Buys!

Today I took the day off college to visit Derby university – I’m hoping to study Stage Management! In case any of you don’t know I’m 16 (actually 17 in about a week!) so I’m starting to look towards my future.

Anyway on the way back from the train station I managed to wander into a book and a music store – here’s what I picked up!


At the moment I seem to have a slight issue with buying lots and lots of books. I think the real issue is that I read them so quickly I am always looking for my next fix. As I’ve nearly finished All The Bright Places (The read and rave for it will be up soon) I decided to plan a head and buy Beautiful Broken Things. I really love the cover of this book and the blurb is quite minimal but still intriguing. It was £7.99 in WH Smith but it was buy one get one half price so I also bought my dad a book for fathers day called Trigger Mortis.I don’t want to say too much about Beautiful Broken Things as I will post a read and rave for it at a later date.

Next I ended up in a music store called Sheehans where I picked up two new cello sheet music books, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned on here that I actually am a cellist and play to about grade five standard so I chose to buy Thirteen Pieces Chosen By Julian Lloyd Webber and 13 Favourite Songs From Les Miserables. I cannot wait to start playing the Les Mis pieces as they are all so beautiful.

Overall I think I managed not to go overboard with too many impulse buys and I’m justifying it with the fact I treated my mother to coffee this morning. I’m not sure it really equates but in my mind that’s how I’m letting these buys off.

What do you impulse buy?

Sophie x


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