Plan With Me // Mini Memories Page

Whilst I was away in Wales I didn’t need my planner so when I got back I turned the week into a mini memories page!

I started by taking some pretty floral papers and cutting them to size. I then covered the weeks pages with them using double sided sticky tape and some scissors to trim any excess.


Next I gathered some supplies, this included some small paper flowers I found, some stickers, washi tape, my holiday pass and a photo from the holiday I printed off.


Then all I had to do was arrange it all! I put a pink sticker in the top left corner which said ‘date’ on it and used some number stickers over the top to mark the day we left. I then stuck the holiday pass in the centre of the page before going along either side of the binding with some washi tape. On the right hand page I placed the photo in the centre and made some make-shift photo corners with the paper flowers. I also added two stickers on top of the photo which read ‘beautiful friend’. I thought this was quite fitting as it was a holiday with my best friend, it also added some depth to the overall layout.


What do you do with blank pages in your planner, do you leave them or cover them over? 🙂

Sophie x


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