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Today my blog is officially one year old! To celebrate I’m going to review what is now one of my favourite books – The Book Thief.

Before I start though I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make my blog as successful as it is today, it’s been a long journey and I know there are still areas that need improvement but we’ve made it. Whether you started following me six months ago, six weeks ago or six days ago I want you to know that you’ve made this possible for me and I’m eternally grateful xx

The Book Thief copy

The Book Thief is a novel by Markus Zusak.

When I first looked at this book I thought oh gosh. It looked like it was going to be a pretty long and heavy read; but it had been gifted to me and I was determined to read it at least once despite my background in teen fiction (which is basically the complete opposite of everything this book is).

Determined I sat down, got comfy and opened up the first page. At first I was sceptical. It opens with a death and all I could think was this is not my type of book but something inside me told me not to stop so I soldiered on. It wasn’t until the second chapter when someone called me away that I realised I had unknowingly become enthralled with the novel. I did a complete 180 on my original judgement and suddenly I couldn’t put it down.

Zusak hooks you with a protagonist you can’t help but root for and descriptive passages that had me immersed in Nazi Germany and the struggles of Liesel – The Book Thief and her family and friends. I am not exaggerating when I say this book came everywhere with me, I carried it in my school bag, my suitcase and my handbag just so I always had it to hand when I had two minutes to escape into a different world.

Having the novel narrated by death itself throws any sense of conventions out the window but in the best possible way. Honestly even if you don’t think this novel is for you, it is. Go out and get yourself a copy anyway you can – just don’t steal it!

The Book Thief changed my perspective on the world I live in and gave me an escape for two weeks. I cannot sing its praises enough it’s going straight to the top of my all time favourite books list.

Sophie x



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