Read And Rave | eleanor & park

I’ve been making more time to sit down and enjoy a good book lately so I’m hoping to get my Read And Rave segment back up and going, to kick it off I’ve got a novel by Rainbow Rowell.

eleanor & park

eleanor & park is a novel by Rainbow Rowell.

At 325 pages this didn’t take me too long to finish – about two days actually . I even skipped one of my classes so that I could finish the chapter I was on, oops! It’s about two seventeen year old outcasts who meet on the school bus and somehow spark a friendship. At first I was unsure of how the storyline would progress and where it could go but I have to say Rowell does an amazing job when it comes to captivating literature that you just don’t want to put down.

After the first chapter I was rooting for the happiness of Eleanor and only wanted the best for her, I feel like I need to point out that this book is not suitable for younger readers as some of the details in Eleanor’s home life may cause mild distress. One of the main themes in the novel is the relationship between Eleanor and her mother and also her relationship with her step-father, although at points I found it upsetting it certainly wasn’t any more detailed than it needed to be to help the reader gain an insight into Eleanor’s world.

The novel switches between the points of view of the two main characters so we also get to hear Eleanor’s story from Park’s point of view, this shift in narrator works really well within the narrative which I was surprised about as I have read novels with that format before and found it difficult to get along with them. Overall Park is just as lovable as Eleanor and his emotions were often easy to relate to.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes young adult novels!

Sophie xΒ 


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