My Everyday Make-Up Routine

My make-up routine is pretty simple and I definitely go for a less is more approach because I don’t want to have anything too heavy on when I’m at college.


I start by using a face wipe to clean my skin and remove any leftover make-up residue from the day before. At the moment my favourite wipes are the Simple micellar cleansing wipes.


Then I apply my primer using a sponge, I find this is one of the products where it’s a good idea to use a generous amount to make sure you’re completely covered. Currently I am using the Make Me Beautiful by Next primer.

I follow my primer with four dots of concealer under each eye and I also ‘paint’ over any spots I may have that day, I really like the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer because it covers really well and has it’s own wand for application. Previously I have used concealers that weren’t liquid and it was a pain.  I set my concealer using a small brush followed by a dabbing motion with the sponge I used earlier for my primer.


Once I have set my concealer I apply my foundation using the sponge. I find the easiest way to do this is squirt some onto the sponge and then place large dots in the centre of each area of my face before blending outwards. Usually I pay extra close attention to the areas where the foundation and concealer meet to make sure they are well blended. The foundation I use is Rimmel’s Stay Matte Soft Beige.

Then when I am happy with the even coverage of my foundation I use a soft brush to apply a small amount of blush to the apple of my cheeks, the easiest way to do this is smile and apply in a circular motion to the highest points of your cheeks.

This is followed by a light coat of Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder , applied with a large soft brush to my t-zone, cheeks and forehead.

Next I move on to focusing on my eyes, first I use half a pea size squirt of primer and an eyebrow brush to get any stray eyebrow hairs and make sure I have the correct shape. I don’t bother filling my eyebrows in for college but I know some people like to, it just sounds too time consuming to me.

Once my eyebrows are sorted I apply a pea size amount of eye primer to each eyelid using the wand provided with MUA’s pro-base eye primer. I rub this in gently using my finger and then pick an eye shadow colour to match my outfit for the day, normally I go for a gold as it compliments my eye colour.

I start my eye shadow application by applying a light pink eye shadow, with my eye shadow brush, to the area between the top of my lid and my eyebrow. Then I apply a lighter version of the shade I want to wear for the day on the inner corner of my eyelid. Followed by the colour I want to wear on rest of my eye lid, I then carefully blend this all using a soft brush.


Next I apply my mascara, I’ve been using monster lash because it gives a nice thick coat with one swipe.

On my lips I use Nivea’s hydrocare lip balm followed by a small amount of my red juicy stick. This way my lips stay soft and a nice red without being too bold.


Then I bundle my make-up back into my bag and I’m ready to go!


Sophie x





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