Save Those Scraps! | What To Do With Waste Paper

If you are an avid crafter you probably spend quite a lot of time cutting various shapes out of brightly coloured pieces of paper – maybe you make cards, decorate your planner or have eager to be creative children. Whatever the reason you might find yourself making several trips to the recycling bin during the day but what if there was something else you could do with those scraps of paper so that even less makes it to recycling or the bin?

Recently instead of using most of a piece of paper and then throwing the rest in recycling I have been using the scraps to make confetti. Yes that’s right confetti! 


But why do I need confetti? You ask – although most people I’ve spoken to about this have never thought about using confetti in their craft projects it is really versatile and can look great. I’ve seen other bloggers add it to their planner dashboards, use it to decorate cards, snow-globes and even filled paper weights with it. It’s so easy to make too.

All I did was head down to my local craft store and purchase a paper puncher – I chose a flower design but there were hundreds and they were only a pound each! I also purchased a cute little jar with a cork in the top but that’s completely optional as you could just as easily use an old jam or baby food jar. Now every time I’ve finished with a piece of paper I whip out my paper punch and use up the leftover before scooping it into my jar (which is already pretty full). Hopefully I will have funfilled multi-coloured confetti by the end of the month, ready to use in all my projects!


Sophie x 


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