🌱 How To Renew Your Motivation When It’s Running Out πŸŒ±

Pinch, punch first day of the month. It’s March. Can we just let that sink in a moment, it’s already March. I’m not sure I was even awake for January and February this year – no doubt it will be Christmas next time I blink. Okay, maybe that’s looking a bit far ahead, but I hope I’m not the only one who’s really feeling the whole ‘every year goes by faster’ this year.

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Between college and extra-curricular activities I’m swept off my feet, when I’m not rushing around desperately trying to finish overdue assignments and memorise lines, all I feel like doing is snuggling up with a blanket in front of one of my many favourite shows. (Currently I’m obsessed with Once Upon A Time on ABC. So it’s no surprise that my content posting has gone down the drain… again.

Luckily for you and, not so luckily for me, I’ve been in bed, ill, Β for the past few days – which has meant plenty of time to think about and organise my content. At the beginning of the year, like just about every other blogger I’ve ever come across, I shared posts about motivation and how this was going to be my year. I told myself this would not be another one of those years where I said I would make changes and then didn’t, but so far I’ve been so caught up with trying to precariously balance all the aforementioned time consumers, that I haven’t stopped to look back and check on the changes I wanted to make.

Sat wrapped up in my little red blanket yesterday, I thought to myself;Β Well this is it then, I guess I have to wait for a fresh start – maybe next year.

Β Quite frankly I felt like a failure, I hadn’t managed to achieve what I had wanted to and it felt like I had to wait for someone else to validate some sort of ritual wiping the slate clean activity in order for me to try again. It was only once I’d really had a couple of hours to mull it over that I thought stuff it. Just because my clean slate at the beginning of the year didn’t go as planned it doesn’t mean I have to wait ten more months to try again. I think one of the most liberating things is life is realising you don’t need somebody (or something) else’s validation to try again. So here I am for the millionth time saying, this is my clean slate here I am to try again.

I do hope you’ll join me. Lets make this Motivation Regeneration March.

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4 thoughts on “🌱 How To Renew Your Motivation When It’s Running Out πŸŒ±

  1. Olivia S. says:

    I definitely had the same feeling when March suddenly came around the corner! Where have January and February gone and what have I achieved? Let’s try not to despair. We don’t have to wait for a new year or another month for a clean start, every day is a new beginning :)! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself when I spent a day not as productive as I planned…haha)

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