Why I decorate my planner

Why I Decorate My Planner

If you’re a pinterest addict like I am you may have seen a post circulating recently called ‘Why I don’t decorate my planner’. It’s an old post but it seems to have resurfaced. Now, clearly I do decorate my planner but when it popped up on my home page I was curious and decided to click through to see what this blogger (Girl-Organized) was saying; the post was actually really interesting and I completely understood the reasons given and could see why she felt the way she did. However; I really love decorating my planner (in case you couldn’t already tell) so I thought I would counter the post and explain why I decorate my planner.

Why I decorate my planner

Planning Is My Hobby

I enjoy sitting down on a Sunday night and turning the page in my planner to a brand new blank spread; my mind runs free with ideas of how I can fill the page and the colour scheme I want to implement. Decorating my planner doesn’t have to cost loads of money – and it’s a good job considering I’m a sixteen year old college student! There are thousands of websites out there that provide free planner printables for all kinds of planners and they don’t ask for anything in return. All I have to do is print them off and stick them in. Also when buying washi tape I simply stick to colours and patterns that I know are versatile and I can use over and over again.

It Boosts The Functionality Of My Planner

Back in September I bought my first ever Erin Condren planner and I was so excited! I unboxed it and lay it out on my desk immediately; carefully thumbing through the pages and taking in its full glory. Then I switched on my laptop, printed off a sheet of free planner stickers and stuck them in Β before taking a fine liner and planning the week ahead. It probably took me less than an hour and having the stickers makes each week brighter and bolder; thus making me want to check my planner more often. If I can open it up and enjoy the view I am much more likely to want to check it than if I open it up and there’s a bleak page and some biro staring back at me.

Having stickers that clearly mark different sections also helps me to quickly skim the days contents and focus on the task I need. If I just had lots of blocks of writing all over the page I wouldn’t know where to look. Each week I have more spreads to look back at to inspire me and it motivates me to do an even better one!

Comparisons Are Fun

Scrolling through and looking at what other planners have done with their spreads is great fun! I love seeing how people use the space differently and it’s a fab way to see how I can utilize my space further.

It’s not about who has the best spread but rather a way to appreciate each others individual tastes and styles, it’s also amazingly satisfying to comment on someone’s spread telling them how much you like it and know that you might have improved their day, even if it was just a little bit.

It’s Optional

The best thing about decorating my planner is that I know I’m doing it for me and if at any point I decide I don’t want to decorate it I don’t have to. I respect that some people don’t like decorating their planners at all and that is totally fine too, as long as it works for you do what you want!

Sophie x



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