DIY Planner Bookmark

It’s been too long since I uploaded a DIY so I’m going to share something simple but useful. This is how I make cute page bookmarks for my planner!


  • Paper Clip
  • Image
  • Cellotape

First you want to pick the design you want for your bookmark – this could be a heart or pencil or whatever you want. I chose a coffee cup design, which was a free printable from here. Print off your design and cut it out.

Now place strips of tape (make sure it’s clear!) over both sides of your design. If you have a laminator you can go ahead and use that instead but I’m just a poor student and cellotape works just as well πŸ˜›


Once your entire design is covered work out where you need to place your paper clip in order for it to neatly clip onto the page. Β Then use some more cellotape to attach it to the back of your design.


That’s it! You now have an adorable planner bookmark that you can use whenever you need!


Sophie x


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