Morning | Week 2 | Photo Challenge

Week Two | 52 Week Photo Challenge

This weeks theme was morning and my mornings are pretty hectic so there was no way I was just going to be able to pick one image. Instead I decided to do a triptych, which is where you crop three photos that all have some kind of link into one photo display. I hope Daisy (who I am doing the challenge with) doesn’t count that as cheating!

Morning | Week 2 | Photo ChallengeI chose to photograph my hot chocolate mug because recently I have been trying to have a hot drink before I leave the house – it really helps me prepare for the day. Plus I’ve discovered that cinnamon in hot chocolate tastes amazing. The next photo is my crumpled duvet because that’s where I sit to drink my chocolate and check my phone as soon as I wake up. Then I photographed my bun after I had washed my hair, cleansed and ready to face the day. (Well as soon as it dries anyway!)

Also I just want to point out that I kind of like the fact you can see my chipped nail polish in the first photo because pretty, but a little bit messy and unfinished is how I live my life! Haha.

Sophie x



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