When You Want To Cry

Wow. Another uplifting title for a blog post haha. I know Mondays is usually my plan with me day but it is too dark to get any good photos, so look out for this weeks spread tomorrow! Lets get into the post:

When you feel like crying

  1. Cry – ‘Well duh I could have told you that’. I know. I know, but sometimes people prefer to hold in their emotions for fear of seeming weak, or just not wanting to have to deal with them. Find somewhere safe and cry. Cry as loudly and as hysterically as you like – it will help. It can be in your bedroom curled up on the floor or hugging your mum, it can be locked in a cubicle. As long as you feel like it is safe to cry, please do.
  2. Netflix – You literally can never go wrong with a movie, a pile of blankets and some hot chocolate. There is no downside to this, ever. Just pick something that you can either cry with or laugh at and click play.
  3. Write – Somewhere, anywhere. On the back of your hand, in a notebook, on your phone. Just let everything out – you don’t even necessarily have to write about what made you feel like crying, you could just write something motivational or start a book. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel as though it is helping.
  4. Music – In order to express ourselves sometimes we need someone else’s words and music is a beautiful way of doing this. You can choose something upbeat or something melancholy – play it loud or with headphones on. Apps like Spotify are great if you want to find a playlist that matches your mood.
  5. Talk – Ring that one person you haven’t spoken to in ages, ask them how they are doing. Talk about everything. Talk about nothing. If they are close enough ask them if they would like to grab a coffee (or a 3am breakfast!). Just be near someone that you can split this burden with.

It is okay to cry, as long as you can pick your head up afterwards and feel like everything is going to work out for the best.

Sophie x


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