Resolving Self Sabotaging

To Do ListOoh, the title for this post does sound like a much heavier topic than the ones covered on this blog but it’s been on my mind lately and therefore I feel it’s important to share it with you all.

I think we all self sabotage sometimes – maybe without even realising it. Often it happens in the simplest forms; for example it is now nearly midnight and I haven’t had a proper nights sleep in several weeks because I keep putting things like blogging off till the last minute. The bags under my eyes are a tell tale sign that this is happening and needs rectifying as soon as possible, but no matter how many times I wake up in the morning regretting staying up late inevitably it happens again the next night.


I’m not even entirely sure why I feel the need to constantly self sabotage, I’m sure if I went to a professional they could easily list a hundred reasons to do with something far off like ‘self doubt’ or ‘dependency issues’. But right now I feel like I don’t need someone else to elaborate on a problem I have already spotted.

So what now?

Starting today I am going to try and recognise any self sabotaging behaviours as/before they happen. Β Instead of putting down ‘journal’ on my to do list and then scrolling down my Facebook news feed I’m going to look at my to-do list and ask myself why it’s there. Is it homework, a job or an activity? Why did I decide to put it down? How will I feel after having accomplished the task and being able to cross it off?

There is absolutely no point continuing to sabotage myself when there are plenty of people in this world who would gladly do it for me.Β 

What little things do you absent mindedly do to sabotage yourself during the day and how can you take steps to change them?

Sophie x


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