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I’m going to start off by admitting something… I have an unhealthy attachment to my phone. I’m a bit disappointed that I had to write that, because for a blog that’s trying to prove age doesn’t define everything that sentence is pretty much the teenage stereotype. However I still understand the importance of the simpler things in life so recently I have been trying to spend less time on it – when I do check my phone though these are my go to apps:

TWITTER – Although I don’t have a twitter account linked with this blog I do have a personal one and I absolutely love the simplicity of it. I have racked up a fair amount of followers, around two thousand to date, and unlike with other social media sites I like that I can have a thought and then tweet it in an instant. For people like me who are constantly having fleeting thoughts that are quickly forgotten this is an invaluable tool.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER – Facebook itself is actually kind of sucky on mobile, I find that the home page scrolling lags and isn’t aesthetically pleasing – but the messenger app is a lifesaver. I get a unlimited data on my phone so it doesn’t really cost me anything to bombard Daisy with blogging or college questions! I also like how convenient sending files is, although it’s a feature underused and undervalued by most people, I use it often.

AMAZON – I probably spend a lot more time browsing than I actually do buying (although one click pay has nearly caught me out a few times) but nevertheless I am obsessed with Amazon. They always seem to have weird, wacky and wonderful things when I need them, this is especially true for obscure craft supplies and items that are only available in the US, that I otherwise would have to live without.

NETFLIX – My phone screen is quite small but when worse comes to worse and there is nothing else available I thank my lucky stars that Netflix have a mobile app. Again having a lot of free data helps as if I had to pay for streaming I would probably be less than impressed!

(Update: Netflix have now introduced the ability to download shows and movies so no more data worries!!)

MY FITNESS PAL – This app is more relevant than ever with the new year upon us; everyone is on some kind of health kick and My Fitness Pal is the most comprehensive food and exercise tracking app I have ever used. It has more than foods to choose from, when inputting your daily intake than any other app I’ve ever used; it is also really simple. The only thing I am wary about with this app is that other users are able to input the values for foods, which leaves the possibility for false information to be reaching you, other than this I love it.

NOTES – As a blogger this is an invaluable tool, being able to stop and jot down the latest post idea on the go is lifesaving. I do have a physical notebook with the same purpose but I can’t always take it with me so my phone sometimes takes its place. The notes app on my phone also allows you to create lists so it is where I store my bucket list.

MY STUDY PLANNER – This is a pretty self explanatory app and has saved me from missing my classes plenty of times. There was also that one time where I turned up at the wrong building and after checking my phone, and realising, I had to run to the class I actually had. Oops! You can easily customise the timetable so it matches the weekly layout of you schedule and you can include weekends, so it’s a must have for students like myself.

PINTEREST – Again, if you’re a blogger you were probably just waiting for this one to pop up. Although it doesn’t send huge amounts of traffic to my blog, I do actually just enjoy pinning things I love and collating planner printables somewhere easy to find! Recently I have been editing the covers on my boards to make them more aesthetically pleasing and I’m very happy with the result.

‘Were you paid to write this post by anyone?’ 

No. I just really love all these apps and if I love something I want to share it with you all! What’s your favourite app?


Pinterest ~ Bloglovin ~ Tumblr ~ Instagram


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