🎫 My Lifetime Bucket List 🎫

As the year comes to a close I thought it would be nice to share with you all some of the things that are on my lifetime bucket list, if you have anything exciting on yours be sure to share it in the comments so I can see!

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  • Learn Sign Language – I think learning new languages is incredibly fulfilling and sign language could be so useful!
  • Go Stargazing – Stars are such beautiful things, just lying and looking at them would be incredibly peaceful.
  • Ride A Horse – Now this sounds pretty simple but I am petrified of most animals so for me this would be a huge achievement.
  • See The Ellen Show Live – Ellen Degeneres is the incarnation of the person I wish I was; she is kind, generous and open minded.
  • Write A Novel – There is no better way to express yourself than through pen and paper, currently I have not got the time or patience but this really is something I would love to do.
  • Go To A Live Concert – I have never been to see an artist perform live and I just know the atmosphere would be amazing, so I might have to see who’s touring in 2016!
  • Decorate A House – Interior decorating is so fun, I cannot wait till the day I own my own house and can be as creative as I like with the decorating. I’m pretty sure it’s a DIYers heaven.
  • Learn To Play Piano – Of all the instruments to be able to play I feel like piano is the most useful and beautiful; maybe because I can already play the cello I sort of have a head start?
  • Get A Tattoo – Yes, I am aware that this particular point won’t be to everyone’s liking, but for me having a small reminder of something I love everyday – to carry round with me, would be amazing.
  • Plant A Tree – Can you imagine planting something, watching it grow and then knowing it will be there long after you are gone? It would be like  a piece of you always remains.
  • Visit Disneyland – I remember being a younger and watching Daisy’s family drive off to Disneyland. When she came back she told me how amazing it was and gave me a Minnie Mouse bracelet, I have wanted to go ever since.
  • Dye My Hair – Just once, a different colour. Maybe something wacky because life is too short not to experience all the fun and crazy things you can.
  • Own A Cafe – This one is slightly harder to achieve than the rest but from the age of about seven I dreamed of opening a bright little cafe where people felt at home.
  • Road Trip – Just me and my best friends enjoying the simplest things as we visit new places.
  • Go Up The Eiffel Tower – It’s a landmark that stands for so much. It would be especially beautiful at night.
  • Attend A Masked Ball – They always look so beautiful in films and such, I wan’t to experience one for real!
  • Have A Penpal – Lots of people that run blogs seem to have penpals and it sounds so fun, I would love to be able to share things with someone through a letter and photos and then one day maybe even meet them.
  • Never Give Up – The day I give up is the day I have failed to reach my full potential here.

These are just a few of my bucket list ideas – some of them are a bit wacky but they all mean something to me.

I hope one day I will be able to strike these all off, I’d better start making some plans!!

What’s on your bucket list?


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