Dear Sophie… A Letter For The New Year

Dear Sophie,

Happy new year. As this year comes to a close I hope you can let go of the bad and focus on the good moments that have been. The friends you will bring with you and the people left behind – remember them all. Each one has taught you something that you need to carry forward.

This year your resolutions will not be flimsy and half-hearted they will be meaningful and thought out. I know I have said it every year but; this year I really do want to make changes and I am going to start straight away. No more putting it off and acting like it will happen magically. It won’t. Rather than Get FitΒ the resolution will be Have A Smoothie Every MorningΒ orΒ Take Up A New Sport.Β Maybe I will even do both. 365 days is a long time and even the things that seem unachievable or unobtainable can be done, you just have to start somewhere – even if it’s somewhere small. A small start is better than no start.

In regards to blogging you need to take time over it. Avoiding your responsibilities and putting them all off till the last minute is causing a train wreck and blogging is a bystander getting hit in the process. Being able to enjoy things means first persevering through the unavoidable tasks that you don’t enjoy. That essay you don’t want to write will take you one hour, do you know how many hours are in a year? Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty. That’s 8760-1. Leaving 8759 hours, I think you can probably spare the time for the essay. Being inconsistent with blog posts is unfair to you; because you never know when you’re going to end up writing and unfair on your readers because they have no idea when to expect a post – or even if there is going to be another post. It takes fifteen minutes to plan out a blogging schedule – do I need to remind you how much time you have? Sticking to the schedule is another matter which brings us straight back to the avoiding responsibilities train wreck. If you do things like essays when you say you are going to you won’t end up having to do it instead of blogging. Write down ideas for blog posts in that notebook you keep and if you get stuck you can always search the internet or ask a friend. No more excuses.

Right now I want you to stop, go over to the closest mirror and sit or stand in front of it. Slowly take a deep breath as you look over every inch of yourself, whether you are thinking about what’s on the outside or what’ on the inside pay close attention. If you wan’t more self-confidence remember that you are the only one holding you back, if you wan’t a new hairstyle dial the hairdressers and book an appointment. Change isn’t as big and difficult as we lead ourselves to believe it is.

You know that person you really admire, the person you would secretly love to be? You can be your own version of them. If you love the way they dress, save a bit each month and then go shopping to see if you can find pieces that you like and are inspired by the outfits they’ve been flawlessly showcasing. If you’re amazed by how they always seem to be smiling, start to pay closer attention to the little things in each day and remind yourself how important the small moments of happiness are.

Take pictures all the time. Polaroid selfies that are silly, when you’re bored. Document the person you are blossoming into with lots and lots of selfies. But don’t forget to document the people and places around you, take a picture of your best friend when you’re grabbing a coffee. Vow to get up early and take a picture of the view out your window, once every season. These are the things you will be grateful for having done when your hair starts to go grey and your best friends long since moved away.

Self belief, Self Motivation and Self Love = Self Empowerment

It may sound clichΓ© to say but 2016 is going to be Β my year. Not just theoretically like every other year. No. I am going to take it with both hands and throw myself into it.

I believe in you. Happy new year,

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