Read And Rave | An Abundance Of Katherines

At the moment I’m trying to be more consistent with my blog posting so I thought it would be fun to start a new segment entitled ‘Read and Rave’. Basically I will be sharing what I am currently reading and giving you my review. I will try to keep this segment completely spoiler free so that if you decide you would like to read one of the books you can!

Read and Rave | An Abundance Of Katherines

An Abundance Of Katherinesย is a novel by Johnย Green.

I.e I am the teenage girl clichรฉ.

The reason I picked up this novel is because I have already read The Fault In Our Stars, and Paper Towns and I fell in love with them. Paper Towns, especially, just clicked with me – the writing was beautiful yet tragic and I finished it in two days. Books that you can’t put down are the reason to read.

So far I can’t say I have fallen in love with An Abundance Of Katherines as much as I did with the other John Green books but I haven’t quite finished it yet so it would be unfair to make detailed comparisons – especially as the end of John Greens books is often the most telling and important part.

The style of the writing is what I would call ‘an acquired taste’ but it works well with the subjects covered. Within the book the characters are well built and have a depth to them that really immerses you in their world; the emotions they feel you feel too.

If you are looking for some young adult fiction that can be relatable and totally unfathomable at the same time this is the book you want!

Sophie x


One thought on “Read And Rave | An Abundance Of Katherines

  1. jessreadingnook says:

    I started this book awhile ago and never finished it. I loved Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska (I haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars), but An Abundance of Katherines didn’t do it for me. I plan on picking it back up and trying to read it again, but I haven’t been in the mood.

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