👣 My Daily Routine As A Student 👣

I thought I’d do something a little bit different today and share with you all my daily routine. I’m in college at the moment so these are the tasks I undertake and the places I go each day!

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As soon as I’ve woken up I start by checking my phone. It’s cliché, I know, but only because it’s necessary – a lot of what I do is online. Often I’m working or communicating with people on the other side of the globe, so whilst I was sleeping they may have sent me important info or documents that I need to check. It’s also great just to be able to keep up to date with everything that’s happening on social media!


It takes me about ten minutes to drag myself out of bed and once I have I grab a smoothie for breakfast, smoothies are great because they are quick and healthy. If you want to know exactly what I put in mine you can read the recipe here.

My next task is to pick out an outfit for the day, because I take mostly practical subjects at college I like to opt for something simple and easy to move in. Usually this consists of a pair of leggings and a plaid shirt (or a sweater if it’s cold).

Before I can even think about leaving the house I need to check my bag to make sure I have everything I need for the day ahead. If I was feeling really organised the night before this may have already been done, but normally it gets left till the morning. My planner goes in my bag, but I will have a quick skim read of my day first to make sure I have a vague idea of things I need to do and people I need to see.

Once I have completed all of the tasks above I throw my smoothie bottle into the dishwasher. Then I wash my face, clean my teeth and maybe put on a little bit of make up if I feel like it.


Theoretically at 8am I should hear a knock on the door signalling that Daisy has arrived so we can leave to walk to college, but usually one of us (if not both) are running late, so I guess I should really say anytime up to 8:10am. Once she has arrived I put on my shoes, grab my coat, bag and phone and we leave.


We arrive at college and proceed to make our way to the refectory where Daisy buys her morning cup of coffee – I’ve never known anyone who drinks quite so much caffeine! Whilst she drinks it we will sit and discuss the day ahead, sometimes we have work to finish off for upcoming lessons too.


I say bye to Daisy and head to tutor time, apart from the brief minute where the register is taken, this seems like a pretty pointless exercise to me but it’s compulsory and the college evidently think it serves a purpose. *Insert eye roll here* Form time lasts about fifteen minutes; during which I pass the time by replying to comments on my blog and thinking up ideas for new blog posts. My form tutor doesn’t usually bother showing the mandatory power points, which I’m certainly not complaining about because they basically make us watch the same ones every year!


Form time finishes and I head back to the refectory where I meet up with however many of my friends also have the same morning frees, on a Monday there are three of us. We set up on one of the corner tables, where we are secluded from the dizzying, rapid movement of people rushing to class and each start on any assignments we need to complete. Often we manage to get our work done with time to spare so we either play a game called Gale, which involves three coins and was invented by a friend of mine, or head down to the local shops for a spot of time wasting and food shopping. If we go to the shops we usually come back with lots of delicious food we don’t really need – last week my friend, Jennifer, bought an entire loaf of olive bread and proceeded to eat it in the refectory whilst we were chatting. The walk is about ten minutes each way and our conversations always consist of funny anecdotes from the week before; I am grateful for these sorts of little moments in my day.


My double free is now over but it’s actually break time anyway – lucky me! I pack up my things and wander down to the science block where my friends and I have sat during break and lunch for as long as I can remember. There’s actually a small set of stairs we sit on so people are used to having to either step over us or walk round to the ramp. We basically just relax and have a chat, or run quick errands like handing in pieces of work to teachers.

If before break I’ve had two lessons I will grab a snack and drink to keep me going. Usually an apple or breakfast bar and a bottle of water.


Break is over and I have a lesson to go to. On a Monday this is double English literature and currently we are studying The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd, an Agatha Christie novel. English is quite relaxing as we usually just have to sit and take notes or write essays. Having two frees before this lesson is perfect because it means I can have complete and read over my essay plan/notes just before I go in.

Sometimes my teacher may let us head out to study in the open area which is a nice, relaxed environment to work in. Especially when I am trying to create detailed but aesthetically pleasing notes, if I need motivation or ideas for effective note taking I will scroll through my studyblr.


My double English Literature lesson has now finished so I head down to the refectory to buy lunch and then make my way back to the science open area; where my friends and I once again congregate. This is the forty-five minutes of my day where I tick off things that I have completed in my planner and add any new assignments/tasks that may have cropped up.

For lunch I have a vegetable wrap and a cookie. This may be followed by a bottle of orange juice, or more frequently, water. I’m trying to stick to being as healthy as possible but my one weakness is the school cookies, they are chocolate chip and are gooey and warm when you buy them – I just can’t resist.


Double drama is next on my schedule so I say bye to my friends and get going. The drama block is right next to the science open area which is helpful.

Drama lessons are always fun and interesting because you never really know what you are going to be asked to do, even if you’re not so good at a certain technique all you need is confidence. Also a lot of the time we get to analyse and then interpret characters in the plays in our own way, so you can’t go wrong.

As it’s getting towards the end of the day I sometimes start to lose motivation – especially if I didn’t get a good nights sleep the night before. So I tend to try and stay as active as possible during my lesson and drink lots of water, if I’m busy and hydrated I’m not thinking about how tired I am.


I have no more lessons to attend and if I have no rehearsals to go to I meet Daisy at the front of the building. We then indulge in some gossip before we walk back to our houses, when I get in I find a snack; recently frozen blueberries with a teaspoon of melted chocolate have been my choice.

Instead of getting distracted I try to go straight to my desk and complete any assignments, this doesn’t always go to plan and often I end up on social media but I’m trying my best to stick to getting work done first. Once I have done this I am free to do things that I actually enjoy!


Lighting is key when filming so I sit down to record a youtube video whilst it’s still not too dark. This may take a while as I have to decide where I’m going to film, tidy that area and then set up all my  equipment.

Once I’m done filming I upload the footage to my laptop and leave the editing till the next day. Whilst I still have my camera out I take any photos I know I am going to need for blog posts.

This is then when the actual blog posts themselves get written and either posted or scheduled. Any social media announcements that need to go out in conjunction with these will also happen now, such as on Instagram or Tumblr.


Monday nights is film night for my family so once everyone is home we head to the local cinema where we pick a movie. This is a great way to end the first day of the week and is a key motivator when it comes to making sure I get tasks completed on time so I can go!


Once back at home we have dinner, usually this is some kind of chicken dish or a pasta bake. They are quick, easy and delicious so it’s a no-brainer on a week night!

If I have any small, outstanding tasks I will complete them now and then settle down with either a good book, an episode of House MD or my card making supplies. DIY projects are reserved to the weekend so that I have time to give my full attention to them.


I take a shower and clean my teeth. If I’m feeling on top of things I will pack my bag for the day ahead and ensure all assignments are printed, ready to be handed in.

Due to having been running around all day I am usually pretty tired so I might listen to music for a bit and text my friends before I fall asleep.

Then I wake up and start all over again!


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