👐 Little Things To Make Today Better ðŸ‘

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Everyday is so wonderful but sometimes life is hard, and you just feel a bit lost, with no idea what you’re supposed to be doing. So here are a few ideas for things you can do that are small tasks but will make a big difference in your everyday life.

  • Update your Birthday book
  • Read 15 pages of that novel you meant to get round to finishing
  • Write the first paragraph of your (overdue?) essay
  • Listen to one new song, maybe try a new genre
  • Smile at two strangers you pass
  • Say an overdue thank you to someone that deserves it
  • Take three meaningful photos, you don’t even have to share them
  • Buy one small gift for a loved one, it could just be a cute pen
  •  Make a list of places to visit and try to cross one off each year
  • Find a new fruit to try at your local market
  • Follow one blog from a different category and comment on a post of theirs
  • Plan an outing to somewhere special
  • Get coffee with a friend on the way back from work/school
  • Go online and find a pen pal to get to know
  • Tidy one section of your bedroom
  • Wear one thing you haven’t in ages, throw out one thing you don’t wear any more
  • Cross three things off your to do list
  • Learn one word from a different language
  • Have a pleasant phone call that lasts longer than two minutes
  • Rearrange or put up new photos
  • Walk somewhere instead of driving
  • List the reasons you love life
  • Share an inspirational quote with someone
  • Make/find/buy two things in your favourite colour
  • Give one thing to a charity shop
  • Use up old art supplies

These are just some of the little things I could think of – what would you add to the list?


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