Reasons To Keep Blogging

As I am sure you are all too aware by now my blogging schedule has been basically ignored for the longest amount of time due to a lot of pressure at college and simply a lack of motivation to do anything. You know when you have so much to do that you decide to do none of it? That’s basically how I’ve been for the past several weeks but now I am ready to get back on track so as it’s Monday here’s a blogging tips post on why to keep blogging.

Blog burnout sucks and really can be disheartening so why should you stick with it?

  • To help others ~ It doesn’t matter what type of blog you run, there is always the possibility to help others through your posts and content. It can be as simple as sharing a recipe that someone finds they love or writing about your day in an inspiring way.
  • To improve your writing skills ~ Whether you want to become a fully fledged author or blogger one day or you just want to be able to construct better sentences for your pen-pal letters, blogging can help you see where you are going wrong and help you learn new techniques.
  • To connect ~ Even if you are surrounded by a network of people it can still be nice to speak to new people once in a while. Some of the best blogging experiences I’ve ever had have been initiated just by leaving a comment on a post I liked! Plus there is such a diverse range of people blogging that it is a great way to learn about different cultures, ages and living situations.
  • To explore new opportunities ~ You literally never know where blogging may lead you in terms of new opportunities and experiences. When I embarked on fifty days of productivity I tried things I never would have otherwise and started to appreciate the things around me much more. Maybe you’ll be offered a new product to try or participate in a group letter swap. New opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.
  • To stay motivated ~ Having a blog as a constant can be really beneficial when trying to motivate yourself to do other things. If you finish that one application letter you can set yourself aside some time to write a post. If you push the boundaries and try that new food you’ve always wanted to, but were afraid to, you can share the experience with your followers and the blogging community. Maybe you will end up really liking it.
  • So you have an outlet ~ Life can be hard, and stressful, and overwhelming, and hectic. But having a blog can help you take a step back and relax – sometimes you need a minute to yourself and that’s okay. Tell your followers about that keyring you lost today that really annoyed you then tell them about the little thing you did today that made someone smile.
  • To improve your time management ~ When you’ve got a lot to do it can seem like you are never going to get it done but with the right time management skills it is possible. Blogging can be a great way to learn effective time management methods, try writing things down in a planner and setting time aside to schedule posts. Then start implementing the same kind of ideas in your everyday life with mundane tasks.
  • It’s a great hobby ~ How many hobbies do you know that are this beneficial and fun? Also have you seen the amount of dedicated bloggers that have actually managed to make full blown careers out of their passion, it’s wonderful to see people so talented and happy in the blogging world. Even if you don’t plan on making a career out of it, it definitely is a worthwhile hobby to pursue.

Hopefully I will continue blogging for many years to come yet!

Sophie x


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