Plan With Me // October 19.10.15

I’m actually currently on holiday so there wasn’t that much to plan this week. We are one of those families where each of us has a completely different idea of what a holiday should consist of so it’s no use attempting to plan beforehand as it will just end in an argument. I wish we could plan but anyway here is this weeks spread – I tried to fill as much white space as possible.

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To be honest I think my spreads are getting better every week but maybe I’m bias. It helps that each week I seem to have more and more stickers in my box; I may have a slight obsession. This week I probably spent at least six hours just printing and cutting out stickers, not to mention the day I spent twenty-five minutes queueing to buy two sheets of stickers.

If you are looking to buy some Autumnal stickers I found mine in Accesorize and Paperchase – which is also where the washi tape is from.

I chose to use a travel washi tape I bought because although it doesn’t really seem to fit with the theme I really wanted to try it out. Plus as I’m on holiday this week I thought it went well with that, overall it goes better with the theme than I first expected.

This theme is mainly embellishments but I think it works perfectly.

As always a huge thanks to all the people who provided free printables:

What have you got planned this week?

Sophie x


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