Plan with me // September 28.09.15

Plan With Me // September 28.09.15

Yay – this week you get another plan with me! It took me a while to complete this spread so I hope you like it as much as I do and as always it didn’t cost me a penny because I used free printables; the links will be at the end of the post.

I started by adding polka dot pink washi tape at the top and bottom of the spread, then I moved onto adding my full boxes – I actually made most of these myself using a template and images I liked that I found on Google. This weeks colour scheme was pink and blue which is a nice old trusty combination that I hope you can’t really go wrong with. Β To mix things up a bit I overlayed my hydrate stickers on the washi tape at the bottom, so I can track my water intake everyday and still have room to put my weather stickers above each day. Instead of a quote over the thankful thought box I went with a picture that tied the colour scheme in nicely and came with one of my downloads.

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In order to make this weeks stand out from my previous spreads I played around with my placement of headers, this meant some went where they usually go whilst others I stuck across boxes to mark off a certain period of time, I really liked having blank headers to write on too.

After writing in everything I already know I have coming up this week I went in with some odd stickers and die cuts I have lying around, by embellishing with these functional and non-functional stickers I tied the overall look together nicely and it looks generally more pleasing to the eye. Having blank spaces where there is nothing on is boring; so being able to fill the space with a colourful sticker enhances everything.

As always a huge hug to all the websites who provided free printables:

Sophie x



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