🔖 The 5 Best DIY Bookmark Designs 🔖

Today I sat down ready to have a nice relaxing afternoon reading my current book, only to realise that I had lost my place – because I couldn’t find a bookmark last time I put it down and I was in a hurry. (Why do these things always happen to me? ) In order to stop this happening in the future, I have collated some of the best DIY bookmark ideas I could find.

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Here they are:

Adorable DIY Bookmarks

The first design I stumbled across was for these tea cup bookmarks. You slide the tea cup into the book and the tea bag hangs over the spine. Honestly, I don’t even drink tea, but these are adorable and would be the perfect gift for one of my quintessentially British tea drinking friends. You don’t need very many materials for this one so there’s no reason not to get started on making some right now!

Discover the tutorial here.

Motivational DIY bookmarks

These motivational quote bookmarks would brighten anyone’s day and  they’re really simple to make – no glue necessary! All you have to do is follow the instructions given to you and then print them off. As they are designed digitally there is room for as much trial and error as you need, plus the text is completely customizable, so you could add a message for a loved one or a friends name.

Find the instructions here.

DIY Paper-clip button bookmarks

 Paper-clip, button bookmarks, seem to be gathering a lot of attention over on pinterest – and I can see why. This is one of the easiest and most convenient crafts on the list, you probably already have all the materials lying around at home, so all you need to do is glue a few bits and bobs together. Then you’re ready to go!

Find out how here.

DIY Heart Bookmarks

Take a look at this lovable heart bookmark. It clips to the corner of the page and is a beautiful addition to any chapter. Plenty of other designs with the same basic process are available if you want to branch out from hearts or test yourself with a more difficult shape.

Get started here.

DIY Printable Colouring Bookmarks

If you enjoy a good bit of therapeutic colouring but don’t want to pay for one of those fancy adult colouring books this last craft is the perfect solution. Print yourself off a batch of these colouring page bookmarks and get going. The only materials required are a printer and some colouring pencils, once you’ve done one you won’t be able to stop and you’ll end up with plenty to share!

Download them here.

I hope you enjoy making these and you enjoy your next book. Let me know what the last book you read was in the comments below!

If you’re looking for a delicious snack to chew on whilst reading, try this moreish  Nutella & orange brownie recipe!

Or find your next favourite book by reading one of my read and raves!





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