Plan With Me // September 14.09.15

To kick-start my new blogging schedule I am going to be sharing with you my first ever plan with me post, this is also my first ever planner spread as I only got my planner the other day! So basically this is a first for just about everything; anyway these plan with me’s are going to have a regular spot on my blog from now on so lets get into it…

I did not just jump into planning blindly, oh no. I have been staring wistfully at beautiful planner spreads for months on tumblr and wordpress. There just seems to be something so satisfying about organization that is cute at the same time and there’s something even more satisfying about not having to spend any money. Yes I mean it – I didn’t spend any money on buying planner stickers. Those things cost a fortune to ship all the way to the UK, I mean don’t get me wrong I like your product but I am not willing to pay Β£6.99 shipping on a Β£1.50 item, it’s insane.

Instead I used a variety of free printables, specifically for planners. All the sites I printed them from will be linked at the bottom of this post so you can check them out, you get the same quality and beautiful designs as the ones you have to pay for only the designers have made them available for free. All you have to do is either print them on plain paper, then cut and stick them in or print them on sticker paper, then cut and stick them in. If you are lucky enough to have a silhouette machine you won’t even need to cut them out!


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I started with a strip of material washi tape at the bottom and top, then I moved onto adding my full boxes, the color scheme was blues, peaches and golds. Β I found that the overall spread looks better when blank boxes are mixed in with image boxes so I formed a pattern with them. Next I overlayed hydrate stickers so I can track my water intake, I also placed a quote over the thankful thought box and wrote ‘to buy’ on a blank piece of paper so I could put my shopping list down the sidebar.

I then wrote in everything I already knew was coming up this week, although I didn’t label it I actually split the sections into – all day tasks, evening tasks and school work. This way it is easy to scan through when I’m on the go.

After everything important was in I embellished with functional and non-functional stickers, this included things such as reminders as to when I am supposed to write my blog posts and just pretty things like the rose and the dragon fly. Another fun thing I like to do is add a sticker for the weather at the top of each day, it’s just another way to add to the page.


I’m really pleased with how my first ever spread came out and it’s all thanks to the websites who provided the free printables:

What’s the most important thing you write in your planner? Leave a comment below!

Sophie x


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