Productivity Pact | The End | An Overview Of The Past 50 Days

Wow. It has been an eventful 50 days, but I have loved every second. Today’s post is just going to be a look back at everything I achieved, and also a look forward to how this blog will evolve in the future.

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To be honest when I began the productivity pact I had no idea what I was getting myself into; all I knew was that I was bored of sitting around all day and needed something to do with my time, so the idea for the Productivity Pact was born. The next fifty days would prove to be more of a challenge than I first thought, the weather would set me back and lack of supplies would hinder my plans – despite this I was not deterred. At the start I even forgot to factor in the weeks I would be away on holiday, so I ended up having to cut my beach days short in order to complete posts.

After everything I am glad I did it. It helped to grow my blog, it opened up interactions with like-minded people, and showed me what being a full time blogger is like; not easy! Some days I didn’t feel like sitting down and writing, but I did it anyway, because I made a commitment to myself and to you all. I was spurred on by a new found following, you, – my tight knit support network of readers. Familiar names began to pop up in my likes and comments, putting a smile on my face and renewing my resolve to complete the pact.

Twenty-nine DIY projects were undertaken and shared with you all, slowly my house started to look more like my home.

So what about the future? Now college has started again blogging everyday isn’t going to be practical – at least not if I want to be producing a high standard of content. It takes time to find something I genuinely want to write about and to execute it – write it up, check it, edit photos and upload it. But I still want to be as active as possible and upload content as often as I can so I am aiming to blog 2-3 times a week; hopefully I will have finished drafting my schedule soon so will be able to confirm the days you can find new content, of course if you click the button in the sidebar to subscribe you’ll never miss a post!

For the days lacking new posts you can find me on my social media, which are all linked at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar.

The Productivity Pact may be over but this is the beginning of a new chapter for my blog, the story continues. New content categories will be being integrated soon; including but not limited to, planning, college and faith.

The pact taught me that everyday is a great day to start doing something productive so go for it!

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