Productivity Pact | Day 50 | Blog Photo Backgrounds

As I always willingly admit my photos aren’t always perfect but recently I have been experimenting with different backgrounds and it’s starting to work. Here are my favorite cheap and easy ideas for blog photo backgrounds. Most of these require minimal prep work and are just utilizing the space and items you already have.

I’m going to share a few different examples of backgrounds I like because what one person likes another might not, and it really depends on what you are trying to photograph.

The first background I fell in love with was this wood. It took me less than two seconds to put together and the contrast worked really well with the brooch I was trying to photograph, I also used natural lighting for this photo so I didn’t need to worry about setting up studio lights. I simply lay one small chopping board on my kitchen side and propped another one up behind it. Voila. It cost me nothing as I already had two small chopping boards lying around so I’m definitely going to use it again in the future.

DSC_0546 copy

Lots of bloggers use this background when they are starting out as it is often simply convenient, fuss free and cheap. All I do is smooth out my duvet and place my items on top, it takes about 30 seconds to set up and can easily be switched with a different cover to match your subject. I’m lucky that my bed is next to a window so natural light pours in; if this isn’t the case for you just pick it up and lay it down somewhere there is!

DSC_0560 copy

If you have a back garden you already have everything you need for this backdrop. Simply wait for a nice sunny day then take your subject outside and prop it up somewhere – this works really well with ‘natural’ items such as this pallet wood design.

Pallet wood heart

A really simple way to achieve the desired background effect is to blur it out. You can either do this once you have taken the photo (if you don’t have Photoshop or similar there are plenty of free online programs for doing this) or set up your camera to do it before you take the shot. It looks really professional.

DSC_0679 copy Candle side

If you like working with computers and you don’t have anywhere to take a photo with a nice background you can just take it out completely using a program like Photoshop – this way you have total control over the colors/fading etc.

DSC_0455 copy

For a quick fix that requires no editing or prep I often just clear my desk and use it to lay my items out. This works well for small items such as the make-up and also items like books which don’t seem out of place. Other quick and easy places to lay out items include light colored carpets and darker wooden tables.

DSC_0369 copyĀ DSC_0104 copyDSC_0235 copyDSC_0014 copy

When in need of a plain white background I place my subject on this small white tile I got given. It’s not too heavy so can easily be transported and works whether you want it propped up or lying down. These types of tiles can be bought at most local hardware stores and if you are lucky you may be able to find one with a small chip in it for a really good price.

DSC_0364 copy

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

Sophie x



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