Productivity Pact | Day 49 | Life Planner

So today I came home to find my brand new Erin Condren life planner had arrived! I wasn’t expecting to be able to afford one but I saved my money and managed to place an order, this is my first ever time buying a life planner so I thought I would share my first impressions with you all.

Now of course the first thing you see when you order something is the packaging and I was not disappointed. Usually when I get a parcel like this such as a book it just comes in a horrible grey bag but my planner came in an adorable pink box with this gorgeous pattern on it. It was slightly dirty but not bad considering it came all the way from America.

DSC_0764 copy DSC_0765 copy

Once I had finished admiring the packaging I pounced on the box and practically tore it open as quickly as I could, I was so excited. Again the presentation was perfect, very few companies nowadays bother with how they present their product in its shipping box but my planner and freebies came all nicely wrapped up in blue tissue paper with a small enjoy sticker, which really put a smile on my face.

DSC_0767 copy

Before I show you the actual planner I will show you a few of the things that came with it. The first things I saw were the little compliment cards; I got three and each came in a different colour with either an uplifting or complimentary saying. Honestly I think these are such a good idea and a great way to spread happiness among friends/co-workers, now I just need an excuse to use them.

The next thing that caught my eye was the sticker that reads ‘Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.’ Anything with a quote on I instantly fall in love with, I love reading them, saying them and living by them so this is going to find pride of place somewhere I will see it everyday – maybe on the family command center once it is complete?

Again with quotes the ‘Keep going no matter what’ postcard is perfect, especially as purple is one of my favorite colors – I don’t know whether to send it to someone or just frame it at home. I also love the different fonts merged into one design, am I the only one that just finds typography so pleasing?

The sample do it all dots are perfect as I haven’t yet decided whether I want to purchase some stickers and make some of my own or if I am just going to only make my own, so I’ll see if I like them enough to justify buying them or not. I’m happy that they came in a rainbow of colors so that I can co-ordinate them with my weekly themes.

Another item that came free with my planner was a small plastic envelope filled with gift stickers for different occasions. They are just the right size for sticking on presents and such so I’m excited to see how they go down. No matter who I am giving to I am sure I will be able to find a pattern they will like.

I’m amazed at how many free gifts came with my planner and I can’t believe I actually like them all – usually freebies never suit my needs/tastes but this time I was pleasantly surprised!

DSC_0777 copy  DSC_0769 copy DSC_0768 copy DSC_0780 copyDSC_0770 copy

Now I know the one thing you actually want to see is the front of the planner so here it is. I chose the all your life heart planner with the vertical weekly layout just because I preferred the look inside. I also chose to get it personalized with my full name a) because it looks super cute and b) because god forbid I should ever leave it lying around college somewhere it can make its way straight back to me.

DSC_0773 copy

If you want to see more of my planner, including how I decorate it, do leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

Sophie x


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